Stinky Heads to Florida

Periwinkle is surprised to find herself waiting for Stinky to arrive at her house. It is his week to plan their adventure, so she was certain she’d be the one traveling. As she ponders this, she hears that familiar whoosh, and Stinky comes tumbling out of the tunnel into her waiting paws. 

The first thing Periwinkle notices is that Stinky has a box with him. She hopes it is a gift for her. Before she can ask him about it, Stinky starts giving her whisker kisses, which Periwinkle happily reciprocates. After several more minutes of kisses and paw hugs, Periwinkle asks Stinky what he has brought for her.

Stinky giggles and tells Periwinkle, “I’m sorry but these are for someone having a birthday today.” Periwinkle looks crestfallen knowing it isn’t her birthday or that of her mom or brofur Raz.

When Stinky sees Periwinkle’s disappointment, he grabs her paw and leads her back to the teleportation tunnel before she can ask any more questions. Moments later they arrive at their destination. They are immediately greeted my a huge yellow bird.

Periwinkle gasps and starts to bounce from paw to paw. “Stinky, look, it is Big Bird,” she manages to squeak out. 

“I know, Periwinkle,” says Stinky. “He is going to lead us to the recipient of our gift.”

Periwinkle immediately asks, “Who is it, Stinky, and where are we?” 

Sesame Street Land



Big Bird answers for Stinky, “You are at Sesame Street Land at Sea World in Orlando, Periwinkle. Stinky has brought a gift for Cookie Monster. Today is his birthday. But first I am going to let you explore. Cookie Monster has a tendency to sleep late. When you are ready to see him, meet me at my nest.” 



“Stinky, get down from there. You are going to get us thrown out before we even meet Cookie Monster.”

“Don’t be silly. We are special guests here to celebrate Cookie Monster’s birthday. We aren’t going to get thrown out.”

“Then, please get down before you break your neck and let’s check out the cute little main street area,” Periwinkle says as she takes Stinky’s paw.



“This is cute, and just our size,” Stinky tells Periwinkle. “What’s next?”

“There are oodles of more rides, but let’s go find Big Bird, and see if Cookie Monster is awake.”



“Hey, Big Bird, we have lots more rides to explore, but do you think we could check and see if Cookie Monster is awake? I am afraid my gift is getting a bit beat up,” says Stinky.

“Sure, let’s see if Cookie Monster is hanging out at his ride.”



“It doesn’t look like he is here,” says Periwinkle. “Do you have any other ideas?”

“The parade is about to start. I know he’ll be there. Let’s go check it out. Abby has volunteered to let you ride on her float, so you don’t get too tired.”



“Stinky this is so much fun. I feel like a celebrity,” gushes Periwinkle, as they ride on Abby’s float and wave to all the humans visiting Sesame Street Land.

Big Bird comes alongside the float and asks, “Are you two having fun?” You aren’t getting too tired are you?”

Stinky lets out a big sigh, but tells Big Bird he’s fine. Big Bird helps the tabbies down from the float as he’s spotted Cookie Monster. He takes Periwinkle and Stinky by the paws and leads them to Cookie Monster. 

Meeting Cookie Monster & Giving Him His Gift

As they approach Cookie Monster, Stinky opens his box so Cookie Monster can get a whiff of what he has brought. When Periwinkle sees what’s in the box, she gasps with surprise and scolds Stinky, “You can’t give that to Cookie Monster. That’s so insensitive. He’s not going to eat himself or his friends.” 



Stinky chuckles and says, “Of course he’s going to eat these. He’s Cookie Monster not Cookie Diplomat.” 

Periwinkle just shakes her head, embarrassed to even look at Cookie Monster. 

“Stinky’s right Periwinkle. Cookie Monster does not discriminate against cookies,” Big Bird says with a laugh! 

Big Bird introduces Stinky and Periwinkle to Cookie Monster. They are so excited to meet him that they start giggling in unison.

“Is that box for me?” asks Cookie Monster.

“Oh yes,” says Stinky and hands the box to Cookie Monster, as Periwinkle hides her face behind her paws.


Cookie Monster


Cookie Monster looks in the box and immediately grabs a cookie that looks just like him. “Nom, nom, nom, this is best cookie I’ve ever eaten. Happy birthday to me,” he says with his mouth full of cookie. The tabbies find that pieces of cookie are flying out of Cookie Monster’s mouth and landing on them. Not one to usually share, when Cookie Monster sees this, he offers them both cookies, which they happily accept.

After finishing their cookies, Periwinkle and Stinky thank Cookie Monster for sharing and wish him a happy birthday. They then decide to try out a few more rides, including the water ride. With oodles of cookie crumbs in their furs, they think this might be a good way to clean off before heading to Periwinkle’s house.



The water is really rough, and the tabbies have to hold on tight, so they don’t fall in the water. In fact, it is so bouncy, Stinky ends up tossing his cookies. The clean-up aspect of the ride having failed, Periwinkle and Stinky decide it is time to head to the teleportation tunnel for the quick trip to Periwinkle’s.

Snack Time, a Nap & Home

After arriving at Periwinkle’s house, they enjoy their usual snacks in the backyard.



A visit with Periwinkle’s brofur Raz and Mom Sharon is followed by a long nap. Finally it is time to say, “good-bye.” The tabbies spend lots of time snuggling, paw hugging and whisker kissing. Then with a final wave, Stinky enters the teleportation tunnel and is gone in a whoosh.

The End



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