Tree Climbing

Though super excited for Periwinkle’s visit, Stinky sat quietly by his tunnel waiting her arrival. Soon he heard that familiar whoosh and Periwinkle came tumbling out into his arms. They both ended up falling over and rolling around on the floor giggling. Stinky worried that might be the most fun they’d have.

He had not planned an elaborate adventure for them, as he had a very bad seizure the day before and was not feeling up to parr. He didn’t mention that to Periwinkle, however, as he didn’t want to put a damper on their day.

When they stopped giggling, Stinky told Periwinkle they would be having an “at home” adventure for the day. And then he apologized profusely.

Periwinkle grabbed his paw, and assured him that whatever they did was just fine with her.

“Okay then,” said Stinky, and he led Periwinkle outside to his yard. He added, “Thankfully we have a sunny day with less wind than usual. Mom said we couldn’t do this if it was super windy.”

Curious as always, Periwinkle kept looking around the yard to see if she could figure out what Stinky had planned for them, but nothing came to mind.

Finally Stinky led her to a tree. “This is a crape myrtle tree,” he told Periwinkle. He continued, “This has pink blossoms, but it won’t bloom before June at the earliest.”

Periwinkle didn’t say anything, fearing that the adventure was going to be a botany lesson, and she didn’t want to hurt Stinky’s feelings. 

Finally, Stinky said, “Ready?” He cupped his paws to give Periwinkle a boost. She grabbed a low branch and swung herself up into the tree. Stinky quickly followed. 



“Is our adventure going to be sitting in this tree?” Periwinkle asked. 

“Not quite,” answered Stinky. He continued, “We are going to climb and sit in a bunch of different trees and then have a picnic in the yard.” 

“Cool,“ replied Periwinkle, “but aren’t your mom and dad worried you might have a seizure and fall?”

“Since I had a bad one yesterday, Mom thinks I will be okay,” said Stinky. He added, “And either she or Dad will be nearby the entire time.”

Periwinkle was relieved to hear that.

After sitting for a while and watching birds in the bird bath below, the tabbies climbed down, and Stinky led Periwinkle to a much larger tree. He told her it was a King Crimson maple and gave her another boost.

Of course, Periwinkle didn’t need the boosts, but she knew Stinky was just being a gentleman, so she didn’t say anything. From the maple tree they watched the birds and squirrels on the feeders and on the exterior of the catio screen.



The next tree was the nishiki tree right next to the catio.  Before starting up it, Stinky put his paw to his lips indicating Periwinkle should be quiet. They climbed the tree and she saw why. They had a purrfect view into the catio. Stinky didn’t want his fursibs to know he’d been given permission to leave it and explore the yard. Periwinkle thought it was super fun to spy on them. It also gave them an even closer view of the birds on the feeders and part of the cool mosaics on the exterior of the new garage.



All these trees were in Stinky’s backyard. When they climbed down from the nishiki, Stinky took Periwinkle by the paw again and led her to the front yard and the Cleveland pear tree. 

“This is a great tree to climb,” Stinky told Periwinkle as she took off up the tree before he could give her a boost.

Periwinkle shouted down at him, “Come on, slowpoke!” That was all Stinky needed to scramble up after her. When he joined her, Periwinkle continued talking, “Wow, Stinky, I can see that Mill Mountain Star we climbed in one of our first adventures. And is that your downtown?”


Stinky nodded, yes, and told her that the squirrels liked this tree and that he could watch them from the cat tree in the dining room. He also told her that his humans had planted all the trees they had climbed, explaining that the really old tress had been taken down so they wouldn’t block the solar panels on the house and so his humans could put on the addition. 


When the tabbies came down from the pear tree, Periwinkle noticed that Stinky’s mom had set out their picnic lunch for them under some dogwood trees and a huge holly tree. She and Stinky took paws again and walked together to the picnic blanket.  Stinky explained that he didn’t want them to climb the holly tree as the leaves really hurt if they poked you, so he thought it would be the best place for their picnic.



A Special Meeting

After lunch and a cuddly nap in the sun, Stinky told Periwinkle he had someone who wanted to meet her. And when Periwinkle saw who, she squealed in delight. “Oh Stinky, I saw this guy’s selfie on Sunday and thought he was so cute,” exclaimed Periwinkle.



After a short visit, Stinky explained to Mr. Groundhog that it was time for Periwinkle to head home. Stinky and Periwinkle walked paw-in-paw to the teleportation tunnel. After many whisker kisses and paw hugs, the tabbies were forced to say their good-byes. With tears in his eyes, Stinky watched Periwinkle enter the tunnel. When she turned to wave, Stinky noticed the tears in Periwinkle’s eyes, and then she was gone in a whoosh.

The End


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