Remembering Allie

Periwinkle sits impatiently by her teleportation tunnel waiting for Stinky. He sent her a note yesterday telling her he would be coming to her house for their adventure. She begins to fidget with curiosity when she hears the familiar whoosh and Stinky suddenly comes tumbling out of the tunnel into her arms. When Stinky looks at Periwinkle she is crying. He drops the package he is holding to wipe away her tears.

Periwinkle sniffles and says, “Stinky, I am so sad, and I miss my sisfur so much. I know she wanted to be with her husband Mau, but I wasn’t ready for her to go. My mom keeps crying; though, Raz and I try to comfort her.”

“That’s why I came to your house today, Periwinkle. I knew your mom would be even more sad if you left for the day. Plus, I brought a special gift for all of you, but especially for her,” Stinky tells Periwinkle.

“Is that the package you brought? May I see it now?” asks Periwinkle.

“Let’s get your mom first.”

“Okay,” says Periwinkle as she runs off to get Mom Sharon.

“Hi Stinky, I am so happy to see you,” says Mom Sharon as she enters the room. “Periwinkle says that you have something for me.”

Stinky hands the package to Mom Sharon and tells her that he and his mom made the contents for her. She opens the package and finds a beautiful scrapbook inside.

The Scrapbook



With tears running down her cheeks, Mom Sharon gently takes Stinky in her arms, gives him a big hug, and asks if they should all sit together and look at the scrapbook.

The tabbies nod in agreement and snuggle up on either side of Periwinkle’s mom.














































“Oh, Stinky, this is so beautiful. Thank you,” says Mom Sharon.

Periwinkle leaps over her mom and gives Stinky a big kiss. “You are the best, most houghtful boyfriend…thank you, thank you, thank you. I love this, and I love you!” Periwinkle quickly slaps her paw over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to blurt that out and hopes Stinky didn’t hear. Mom Sharon gives Periwinkle a cross look for her impetuousness.

Though Stinky’s cheeks start to flush, he sees Periwinkle is also embarrassed and decides to make believe he didn’t hear by pretending to clean his face of leftover breakfast he’s just discovered.

“Would you two like to have a snack outside while I show this to Raz?” asks Mom Sharon, changing the subject.

The tabbies nod in tandem and head for the door. Both know it is too early in their relationship to say the “L” word.



After their snacks, a nice long nap and a hunt for lizards in Periwinkle’s yard, it is time for Stinky to say his good-byes. Stinky thanks Mom Sharon for her hospitality and gives Raz a manly hug. Even sadder than usual, Stinky and Periwinkle hug and share whisker kisses. With a final wave, Stinky enters the teleportation. With a whoosh he is gone.

Periwinkle, Raz and Mom Sharon stand together hugging each other and think about Allie and how much they miss her.

The End