A Tour of Christmas Light Displays

Stinky had a big adventure planned and instructed Periwinkle not to leave her tunnel when she arrived at his house. He would jump in with her as soon as she arrived and they would set off.

It being Christmas Eve, Stinky had planned something really special, but he also knew that Periwinkle’s and his mom didn’t want them out late for that same reason.

Stinky hadn’t told Periwinkle where they would be going nor had he told her he had a surprise for her at the conclusion of this week’s adventure.

The moment Periwinkle arrived, Stinky jumped into the tunnel, gave it the coordinates for their first stop, and asked Periwinkle to do her tail chasing thing to put their tunnel into hyperdrive. He explained to her that they would be making five stops on this week’s adventure.

Periwinkle gave Stinky a quick whisker kiss and started scurrying in circles after her tail. Before they knew it the two tabbies arrived at their first stop.

When they exited the tunnel, Periwinkle had no idea where they were. When she asked Stinky, he replied, “Spain…Porto del Sol to be exact.”

“Oh my,” replied Periwinkle. “Why are we here?”

Stinky explained that he wanted to show her some of the world’s best Christmas light displays, and he had selected five for this trip. He explained that many, many more such places existed, and they could make this a holiday adventure tradition.

Stinky checked his CPS (Cat Positioning System), took Periwinkle’s paw and began leading her to their first displays.

Puerta del Sol – Madrid, Spain

While oohing and awing at all the glorious lights, Stinky told Periwinkle a bit about the displays.

Each year, beginning at the end of November until the start of January, the streets, buildings and squares in Madrid twinkle with colorful lights, trees and nativity scenes. The installations are different on each street. They are designed by renowned Spanish designers, architects and graphic designers.


After quick hot chocolates, the tabbies returned too the tunnel.

Champs-Elysées – Paris, France

When they next exited, Periwinkle recognized where they had landed and started hopping up and down.

“Oh, Stinky…Paris. My big sister told me all about Paris. She said it is super romantic and beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing me here.”

Once again Stinky told Periwinkle a bit about the decorations.


During the winter months, the 200 trees that line the Champs-Elysées are lit with hundreds of LED lights. There’s also a popular market in the Tuileries gardens situated right in front of the Louvre. It attracts as many as 15-million visitors every year.

Stinky added, “My mom and dad visited in November a few years ago and saw the decorations and holiday market being set up. I know Mom would really love to return at Christmas time, but due to my seizures, my folks cannot go away on any trips. Let’s make certain we take lots of photos to share when we get home.”

After a brisk walk up and down the famous boulevard, it was time to jump back into the tunnel.

Arriving at their next destination, Stinky grabbed Periwinkle’s paw and led her to yet more beautiful light displays.

Luci d’Artista – Turin, Italy

Again, Stinky told Periwinkle about the lights they were seeing.

Artists from around the world gather in Turin and Salerno to light up the streets and squares for Luci d’Artista–literally Artist’s Lights–for an exhibition of light artwork. The mix of contemporary art and historical buildings attracts visitors from around the world, even little tabby cats on an adventure, like us.



As Periwinkle and Stinky left Italy for their next stop, Stinky could see that Periwinkle was starting to tire. With two additional stops ahead, Stinky told her to curl up and rest her head in his lap. She happily agreed and quickly fell asleep. It was a short nap, however, as it wasn’t a long trip to their next destination.

As they emerged from the tunnel, Periwinkle asked Stinky where they had landed. Stinky replied, “We are in London, and I think you are really going to like this locale.”

Somerset House – London, UK


The is Somerset House. It’s London’s ultimate winter destination for ice skating, contemporary music, shopping and gourmet food and drink. This neoclassical courtyard is transformed every year into a wintry haven, which includes a 40-foot Christmas tree. The ice rink is open late into the night and remains open into January.

“Stinky, do we get to go ice skating?” asked Periwinkle.

Stinky replied, “We do, but not here, as we have one more stop with another famous ice rink.” That was all he told her.

Before leaving, they indulged in some snacks and more hot chocolate.

Again Stinky suggested Periwinkle nap, telling her that this next leg of their trip would be just a bit longer.

Exiting the tunnel on arrival at their final destination, Periwinkle immediately recognized where they had landed. She had seen it on television recently.

Rockefeller Center – New York, USA


“Oh my cat, Stinky, everything has been beautiful, but the U.S. is the best. I would love to have the opportunity to climb this incredible tree, wouldn’t you?”

That would be fun Periwinkle, but with 45,000 lights, it might get a bit warm on our furs. We’ll have to come back during the day sometime.”

“Is this where we are going to be ice skating?” asked Periwinkle.

“Yes, it is. let’s get some skates and head to the ice.”



“Stinky, this is so much fun!”

“Yes, it is. The entire trip has been magical, but can we stop skating for a few minutes?” asked Stinky.

“Sure, are you tired?”

“Yes, a little, but that’s not why. I want to ask you something.”

“Okay,” replied Periwinkle.

“Periwinkle, we have been great pals for a long time now and had some great adventures, and I look forward to many more in 2020. My question is, will you be my girlfriend?” asked Stinky.

“Oh my gosh, of course,” replied Periwinkle, adding “I thought you would never ask. This makes me so happy.”

After sharing a big hug and lots of giggles and whispers, the two tabbies skated to the edge of the ice, where their tunnel was waiting. They climbed inside for the quick trip to Stinky’s, sharing many whisker kisses and hugs during the trip and as Stinky left the tunnel.

On her way home, Periwinkle couldn’t stop thinking about Stinky, and felt she could probably fly home without her tunnel. All the light displays were so fabulous and memorable. But Stinky asking her to be his girlfriend was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

The End

Periwinkle and Stinky wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas and look forward to seeing you next week at Friends Furever.


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