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Periwinkle pops out of the teleportation tunnel, anxious to see Stinky and find out what he has planned for the day. He’d been waiting for that familiar whoosh from the tunnel, and he’s right there to meet Periwinkle with paw hugs and whisker kisses.

Before Periwinkle can say anything, Stinky twirls her around and asks, “Have you heard the wonderful news?”

“Of course, silly” she replies. “You are home and have been for almost two whole weeks.” Stinky agrees that is good news but tells Periwinkle he has newer good news.

“Well don’t keep me in suspense. Did you win the lottery? Are we going on an adventure in an exotic land?”

“Nope…we got another Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association for one of our adventure stories!”

“Woo-hoo! Which one?”

“It’s when we went to the Mill Mountain Zoo,” Stinky tells her. “Mom combined Parts 1 and 2 and entered it as a Short Story.”

“Oh, that was one of our very best adventures,” replies Periwinkle. “Let’s give everyone the links to those two posts in case they haven’t read them.”

“Good idea, Periwinkle.”

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky Parts XXXVII & XXXVIII (A Trip to the Zoo Parts 1 and 2)

“When do we get our certificate, Stinky?”

“I don’t know. It will come in the mail with the two others my mom won for two of her product reviews.”

“We better think of some really great adventures for this upcoming year, so Mom Janet can enter them for us. Speaking of adventures, what have you planned for us today?”

“Well, it was your mom’s idea, so don’t blame me, but we aren’t going anywhere.”

“Phooey, is that because she thinks you’ll run away again?”

“No, she thought it would be fun if I told you and everyone else about the adventure I had after I escaped,“ Stinky tells her.

“I’ll admit I want to hear that.”

Where was Stinky?

“It was a super sunny, hot and humid day. I saw the door from the laundry room to the garage stairs was open just a bit behind my dad, who was standing on the stairs. Exploring the garage seemed as if it could be fun. I knew Kizmet had done it, so I sprinted down those stairs. When I got to the bottom, I discovered the overhead door was open, and I just decided to keep running. Mom said I took off down the alley like my butt was on fire. She came after me. I did look back at her once and gave her a cheeky little smile. My dad saw me once after that, and then Mom says it is as if I went “poof!”

“And that is exactly what happened. Something with wings and a big fuzzy paw quietly swooped down and plucked me out of the neighbor’s yard. It was so stealthy, neither Mom nor Dad heard or noticed anything. I had no idea what was happening and thought I might be having a seizure.”



“Wow, Stinky, were you frightened?”

“You bet.”

“So, what happened next?”

“We flew off to someplace that was really pretty with lots of pastel colors and clouds. The next thing I knew I saw Angel Mau and Angel Lily Olivia. They ran up and gave me big paw hugs and told me they had missed me and thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday with me. They asked Kitties Blue #1, Skooter, to pick me up and bring me to a big party with all the past Kitties Blue. I didn’t recognize anyone, except Mau and Lily Olivia, but one by one the other Kitties Blue angels introduced themselves and gave me a huge paw hug.”



“Stinky, that is amazing. Did you meet all the angel Kitties Blue?”

“I did. There was Skooter, Steamer, Daphne, Thelma, Louise, Chloe, Twinkle, Madison, MacKenzie and Fiona. And, of course, your sisfur, Allie, was there as well.”

“That is really cool that they wanted to meet you and give you a party, but why were you gone for such a long time?”

“I had no idea it was that long. Time doesn’t exist where they are. Skooter explained that is so the anipals don’t get lonely and sad waiting for their humans to join them.”

“That sounds like a good thing, but does that mean you didn’t know your friends all around the world were praying for you, and your mom and dad were searching non-stop?”

“Not a clue.”

“Did you have any seizures while you were away?”

“Again…not a clue, as I never remember having one when it is over. But Angel Fiona told me that all the anipals there are healthy and well, so maybe I didn’t.”

“It sounds as if it was really nice there, so I certainly am happy you finally decided to come home.”

“They don’t have any need for food there; though, Mau managed to make me a birthday cake.”



“Anyhoo, I finally got way too hungry to stay any longer, and I asked Skooter to bring me home. Plus, of course, I was missing you big time. By the way, that was super nice of you to stay with my family and help them search for me. You are the best girlfriend ever.”

Periwinkle blushes and gives Stinky a whisker kiss. She then asks, “Why didn’t Skooter bring you back to your house?”

“Angels do not have GPS. He got a little confused as to where we were, and I couldn’t help him. Suddenly he said he recognized a house and set me down there. It was not until after he’d waved and flown away that I realized I had no idea where I was. I was in a panic and started looking around for my house. It was obvious to me that it wasn’t nearby, as I couldn’t smell any of my fursibs. I was hoping if someone saw me they would take me home. I had no idea until after I got home that Skooter had left me at the house where he was born and from where Mom and Dad adopted him.”

“That was really strange and sort of spooky,” exclaims Periwinkle.

“You know the rest of the story,” Stinky tells her.

“I guess I am happy you had a good time and weren’t just hiding somewhere and afraid to come home,” Periwinkle tells Stinky. “But don’t you ever do anything that stupid again.”

“Hey, it really wasn’t my fault. I thought I would just explore outside for a little while and be back home in time for my afternoon snack. But I do not plan to ever go anywhere again without you or my Mom and Dad, especially now that I know what my folks and you went through trying to find me and get me home. And, of course, I have this locator collar now as well.”

“I am definitely thankful for that,” says Periwinkle, and then gives Stinky a big paw hug and whisker kiss.



Stinky reciprocates and the tabby duo retire to the catio for a snack and a visit with the Kitties Blue who aren’t angels.

The End


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