Stinky Please Come Home: Periwinkle Joins in the Search for Stinky

Seven Kitties Blue huddle by the teleportation tunnel. It is 5 a.m., and they are waiting for Periwinkle to arrive. Saying they are a bit grumpy and some less than alert is an understatement.


Seven cats surround a three-way tunnel in the colors of orange, lime green, purple and turquoise.


Periwinkle will be assisting Dad Tom and Mom Janet in their search for Stinky. He took off on his own adventure 11 days ago and has not returned. There have been some possible sightings about two miles away. Though Stinky’s parents have been blanketing that neighborhood with flyers and posters and talking to as many neighbors as possible, they have not found Stinky. Periwinkle prays that with her help, they can get him home.

As soon as Periwinkle emerges from the tunnel, with the usual whoosh, all the Kitties Blue gather around to give her big paw hugs and thank her for coming.

Periwinkle has brought her lizard hunting paraphernalia with her, thinking it should work just as well for a small cat. (Stinky and Periwinkle’s very first adventure was hunting lizards on October 15, 2019. Click here to read it.)


Cartoon tabby cat with a butterfly net treats and other items used to catch a cat or lizard.


Periwinkle impresses Mom Janet and Dad Tom with her thoughtfulness.

Before leaving for the nearby neighborhood, Periwinkle asks to see the sign Mom Janet has made for the front lawn. As the humans in the neighborhood know Stinky by his alter ego, Sawyer, the sign has Sawyer’s name and photo.


Sign for a lost Manx tabby cat. with a cartoon tabby cat in front of it.


Finally, before heading out to search, Periwinkle decides to talk to one of the local bunnies.


Cartoon tabby cat in the yard with a real wild rabbit.


“Hey, Mr. Rabbit, have you seen my boyfriend Stinky? He looks a lot like me, but he doesn’t have a tail.”

“Sorry, Periwinkle, not since he took off out of here like hell on wheels a week ago Saturday,” answers Mr. Rabbit.

Periwinkle is crestfallen, but thanks Mr. Rabbit and heads to the car to join Stinky’s parents for the short ride to the search territory. She has her paws crossed and keeps reciting the prayer her mom taught her, “Father, we ask you to help us find our dear pet who is now lost. We know that you placed animals on the earth for many reasons, including companionship for man. We therefore ask you to help us find our lost companion and pray that You will keep him safe and protect him from harm until he is found.”

Mom Janet and Dad Tom join her in reciting the prayer.

The three soon arrive at their designated search area. Periwinkle really, really hopes Stinky will respond to her calls and offer of treaties.

To Be Continued

Note from Stinky/Sawyer’s mom: We will continue our search again today with the hope of bringing Periwinkle/Noelle’s boyfriend home. It is our sincere hope that we will soon have some good news to share. We thank everyone who is purring and praying and sending POTP for the safe return of our boy. Your support helps us keep putting one foot, or paw in Periwinkle’s case, in front of the other. We love you all!