Letters to Santa

Stinky paces back and forth by the teleportation tunnel waiting for Periwinkle and worrying that she will not enjoy today’s adventure. Distracted by his pacing and brooding, Stinky almost misses Periwinkle’s arrival. But as soon as he hears the familiar whoosh, he is ready with big hugs and whisker kisses. After some snuggling and whispering, Periwinkle asks Stinky what the plan is for the day. He takes her by the paw and leads her to his mom’s iPad.

“We’ll be staying home again today. It is cold and most of the adventures I want to take you on are not available due to that stupid virus,” Stinky tells Periwinkle.

“Oh, you know I don’t care what we do. Since we are getting the iPad, are we going to color again? I love to color,” says Periwinkle.

“Not today. We are going to write our letters to Santa,” Stinky tells Periwinkle.

“That sounds like fun, but can we color afterward and send Santa pictures with our letters?” asks Periwinkle.

“That sounds like a terrific idea. I think Santa would like that. Do you want to write your letter first Periwinkle?”

“Oh, yes please,” replies Periwinkle clapping her paws together and sitting down at the iPad. “I think I will use the red ink.”

While Periwinkle writes her letter, Stinky naps. When finished, Periwinkle nudges Stinky and tells him it is his turn.

Stinky selects the blue ink and starts his letter. This time Periwinkle takes the opportunity to have a little nap. Teleportation travel can be very tiring.

When Stinky finishes, he wakes Periwinkle, and they read each other’s letters.














Periwinkle exclaims, “Oh Phooey, I forgot to ask Santa to get rid of the danged virus and pandemic. Do you think I should add a P.S.?”

Stinky tells her he is certain that almost every human will have that in their letter, and so she is okay for not mentioning it. He pats Periwinkle with his paw and suggests they do their coloring project.

Pictures for Santa

Periwinkle tells him that she already selected her picture to color while he was writing his letter. Stinky tells her to do her coloring first and he will select his picture when she finishes. Stinky decides to watch Periwinkle color instead of nap.

When Periwinkle finishes, she shows Stinky her picture.




“Santa is going to love that Periwinkle. It is so colorful.” Periwinkle gives Stinky a big whisker kiss as thanks and hands him the iPad.

“Are you going to watch me color my picture?” Stinky asks Periwinkle.

She replies, “No, I think I am going to visit with your mom and fursibs if that is okay.”

Stinky replies, “Sure,” and begins his coloring project. When he finishes he finds Periwinkle and his mom talking in the kitchen. They get very quiet when he enters.




He shows them both his picture, which they admire. Stinky’s mom prepares some treats for the tabbies and promises she will e-mail their letters and pictures to Santa while they enjoy their snack.

When they finish their snack, Periwinkle says good-bye to all the Kitties Blue and Stinky’s parents. The tabbies share hugs and whisker kisses and secrets at the teleportation tunnel. Finally it is time to say their good-byes. They give each other one last hug. Periwinkle enters the tunnel and is gone. Stinky wipes a tear from his eye, and heads to the bedroom for a nap and to dream about Periwinkle.

The End



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