A Holiday Adventure

Stinky is extra excited for Periwinkle’s arrival for this week’s adventure. It is the second consecutive week they are having a night time adventure. He is waiting to catch her when he hears that familiar whoosh of the teleportation tunnel. She tumbles out right into his waiting paws, and they share lots of hugs and whisker kisses. After just a few minutes, Stinky’s parents gather up the tabbies and take them to the car. “Where are we going Stinky? “ asks Periwinkle.

“It’s a surprise. It is where I wanted to take you two weeks ago, but I am happy we waited. I think it will be more special for us and our readers.”

The tabbies chatter about what they’ve been doing the past week on what seems like a never-ending car trip. Finally they arrive at their destination, and Stinky’s mom and dad pick them up to carry them to the entrance. 





“Oh, Stinky, what is this?”

“It is Explore Park’s Illuminights Winter Walk of Lights—a half-mile wooded path with 600,000 lights in various displays.  It’s sponsored by local businesses & individuals donors,” Stinky explains.

Dad Tom and Mom Janet tell Periwinkle and Stinky that they are free to explore on their own and give them a time to meet at the end of the light display. That’s all the tabbies need to hear to scamper off to explore. What they don’t know is that Dad Tom plans to follow them to snap some photos. 

Viewing the Displays

“Periwinkle, let’s check out these turtles.”

“Stinky, I think maybe we shouldn’t climb on the displays.”

Stinky just rolls his eyes at her. Periwinkle giggles and scampers to the other turtle and jumps up on it.



“I heard turtles are slow, Stinky, but this is ridiculous,” says Periwinkle as she giggles.

“Good one, Periwinkle,” says Stinky between laughs.

The tabbies hop down and find a display with a cyclist, which Periwinkle immediately jumps onto. “Stinky, do you remember when we got on those bicycle sculptures at the zoo?”

“Sure, that was a cool adventure. Come on Periwinkle, there’s lots more to see.”



Next they discover a huge polar bear with a fish in it’s mouth, and this time Stinky climbs up onto it and tells Periwinkle he’s seen a photo of his mom with this same sculpture from a previous Illuminights.



“Stinky, come look at this little house. It is just our size,” Periwinkle calls out.



Next they see a sleigh with reindeer, including Rudolph, and decide they must hop on.



“Come on, Periwinkle, let’s see what else we can find,” Stinky tells her.

When they get to the next display, Periwinkle tells Stinky how happy she is he told her to bring her warm coat. “It sure is a lot colder here than when we went to look at lights at my house,” says Periwinkle.

“Yes, sometimes our furs are just not enough when it gets cold.”



“Stinky, come see this cute family of snow people,” Periwinkle hollers as she runs ahead.



“Must be Frosty and his family,” says Stinky.

Looking around, Periwinkle notices some gold stars, and runs off to look at them.



“Do you remember when we went to the huge, neon Mill Mountain Star, Periwinkle?” asks Stinky.

“Oh yes, Stinky, and your city is known as the Star City of the South,” replies Periwinkle.

“You have a good memory, Periwinkle. Let’s check out some more of the displays.”



“Stinky, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I just wish our readers could see how all the lights are blinking and chasing.”

“Me too, Periwinkle. I also wish we could show them all the displays. I do hope they enjoy what we are sharing.”

“They will. I’m super cold, and I think we’ve seen everything. Can we go meet your parents now?” Periwinkle asks.

“Yes, let’s, I’m cold too.”

The tabbies track down Mom Janet and Dad Tom, and they all head to the car. Periwinkle and Stinky giggle and whisper about their adventure all the way back to Stinky’s house. They have no idea that Dad Tom has caught all their “misadventures” on film.

After some hot cocoa at home with Stinky’s fursibs, it is time for Periwinkle to head home. She and Stinky spend lots of times whisker kissing, paw hugging and wishing each other Merry Christmas. Then, with the usual whoosh and a final wave, Periwinkle is gone. It’s way past Stinky’s bed time, and he heads to bed to dream of his precious Periwinkle.

The End







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