Stinky is, of course, waiting for Periwinkle by the teleportation tunnel. He’s always happy to see her and is excited to spend the day together. When he hears the familiar whoosh and Periwinkle comes tumbling from the tunnel, Stinky is ready and catches her in his paws. They both begin giggling and then share some paw hugs and whisker kisses. They also spend a bit of time telling each other about their Christmas Day activities.

Party Planning

Before Periwinkle can ask what Stinky has planned for them, he tells her, “I hope you won’t be disappointed in today’s adventure. Sawyer asked if we could do him a favor.”

“Stinky, you know I’d do anything for you and him. What does he want us to do?”

“Well, he is very sad, as he missed planning a celebration for Noelle for her Gotcha Day last week, and he would like us to put a little party together for her.”

“I think that would be very nice, Stinky. I know she and I celebrate the same birthday, but my Gotcha Day came a couple years after hers. And I always enjoy a good party and also have fun planning them. When we have everything ready, I can call my mom and tell her to send Noelle through the teleportation tunnel.”

“Good plan, Periwinkle. My mom already has the food prepared, and Cooper Murphy has made another cake. I know Sawyer has created a card. So, let’s start decorating.”

Periwinkle gets busy setting everything up and then tells Stinky, “I think I am finished. What do you think?”

“Everything looks purrfect, Periwinkle. Call your mom and have her send Noelle. I will go get Sawyer, so he will be waiting when she arrives.”

Periwinkle calls her mom and tells her to send Noelle but not to tell her where she is going.


Noelle Gotcha Day Party: Cartoon tabby cat in an elf hat making a cell phone call while sitting on a table next to a Christmas tree.


Stinky searches for Sawyer and finds him napping. “Hey, Sawyer, wake up, Noelle will be here any minute.”


Noelle Gotcha Day Party: Napping grey tabby cat.


Sawyer jumps up and follows Stinky to the teleportation tunnel.

Noelle Arrives

Moments later Noelle arrives and looks around in confusion. She sees Periwinkle and asks, “Hey, Periwinkle what’s happening? Where am I?”

Then Noelle sees Sawyer and starts hopping up and down and runs into his arms. “Oh, wow, are we going to share Stinky and Periwinkle’s adventure?” Noelle asks Sawyer.

“I guess in a way we are, but this is actually a Gotcha Day party for you,” replies Sawyer.

“That is so cool. Thanks you so much,” gushes Noelle.

Sawyer leads her to the living room, shows off the decorations Periwinkle has created and gives Noelle a sparkly headband to wear.


Noelle Gotcha Day Party: Two grey tabby cats, one wearing a Christmas tree hat and the other in a snowflake headband, in front of a colorful background, which includes balloons.


Periwinkle whispers to Stinky, “They’re almost as cute as we are, don’t you think?”

Stinky giggles, but he does agree.

Noelle tells Periwinkle how beautiful the decorations are and gives her a big paw hug.

Gifts for Noelle

“Noelle, I have a couple of things for you,” says Sawyer and presents her with some flowers and a card.


Bouquet of purple/pink roses.


Noelle Gotcha Day Party: Gotcha Day Greeting Card with two grey tabby cats in formal attire and dancing.


“Oh, Sawyer, I love them both. Those are the most beautiful and unusual roses I have ever seen. And that card is so elegant,” exclaims Noelle.

“I am so happy you like them. I know it isn’t much, and I am late with this celebration, but I do love you and wanted to show you,” Sawyer tells her. They share some additional whisker kisses.


Stinky tells everyone that a buffet is set up in the dining room. The four tabbies head in, and Stinky invites all the Kitties Blue to join them. After singing a rousing, off-key rendition of “Happy Gotcha Day,” all the kitties fill their bowls with the seafood stew, salmon pate, seafood buffet and filet of beef. And then they help themselves to beverages.


Collage featuring seafood stew, salmon pate, seafood buffet and filet of beef.

Collage featuring hot chocolate, lemonade and iced teas.


When everyone thinks they cannot eat another bite, Cooper Murphy brings out the cake and some champagne.


Noelle Gotcha Day Party: Grey tabby cat wearing a tiara cake.

pink champagne


Noelle cannot believe her eyes when she sees the cake Cooper has created. She runs up to him and throws her paws around his neck and gives him a huge hug. “That is the best cake I have ever seen. Mau would be so proud of you. Thank you so much!”

Cooper blushes and thanks Noelle for her kind words.

All Stinky and Sawyer’s fursibs are so full that they retire to the bedroom and various cat trees for naps while the four tabbies sit and chat about what a wonderful day it has been.

Time to Head Home

Regrettably, the time comes for Periwinkle and Noelle to head home. Cooper Murphy boxes up what little of the cake remains for Noelle to take home along with her card and flowers.

Noelle and Sawyer and Periwinkle and Stinky spend several minutes whisker kissing and paw hugging before the girls enter the teleportation tunnel. Then with final waves and a whoosh the girls are gone. Stinky and Sawyer decide they should help their mom with the clean up chores before joining their fursibs for a nap.

The End

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