Mill Mountain Star

Stinky sat fidgeting next to the teleportation tunnel as he usually did when awaiting Periwinkle’s arrival. Suddenly she came whooshing out of the tunnel ahead of schedule.

She turned quickly, threw her paws around Stinky’s neck and gave him a big hug. “Periwinkle, reporting for our next adventure,” she said with a giggle.

Before Stinky could speak, she continued. “I found a new way to travel even faster through the tunnel. If I chase my tail while in the tunnel, it gets up to an incredible speed. Isn’t that cool?“

Stinky frowned at her question, as he wasn’t certain how safe that was as well as due to the fact that he had no tail to chase.

When Periwinkle saw his expression, she realized her mistake, gave Stinky another hug, and whispered in his ear, “Oh, I’m sorry, Stinky. I wasn’t thinking.”

Brushing away his sadness, Stinky grabbed heavy coats and hats and led Periwinkle out to his mom’s car, explaining, “Mom is going to drive us to our adventure location. The last two days were gorgeous, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, but now it has turned cold, and we are going to be outside.”

As Stinky’s mom got her keys, the two tabbies put on their warm clothes and got in the back seat. After buckling their seat belts, they held paws and chattered quietly to each other about what they had been doing the past week. Periwinkle told Stinky how she had made her mom sad when she broke something very important to her mom. She reassured Stinky that she’d been forgiven.

Stinky explained that he hadn’t been eating very well, but when he remembered she was coming, he did a good job for a couple days finishing his noms and getting his meds.

When they reached their destination, Periwinkle couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “Wow, Stinky, I have never seen anything so huge. That star is so tall, I can’t even see the top. Where are we?”



Stinky explained that his city is known as the “Star City of the South,” and she was looking at the largest neon star on the planet.

“This is amazing. Tell we more about it, Stinky.”

Stinky replied, “Here’s the sign that tells you everything about it. The star is 88 1/2 feet tall and was built in 1949. Hey, Periwinkle, it’s the same age as my mom! Anyhoo, it is neon and can have a variety of different colors, but it is usually just white.”

While looking up at the Star, Periwinkle and Stinky had the same idea at the same time and said in unison, “Let’s climb it!” They both knew this was wrong and strictly forbidden, but this was supposed to be an adventure after all. And, of course, cats are notorious for not following the rules.

Stinky told Periwinkle that they better take off their coats so they didn’t get dirty or catch on anything. He said, “If we are all dirty when my mom picks us up, she’ll know we’ve been up to something.”

They also decided to climb only part way up, so they were certain they could get down quickly if needed.



After admiring the view of the valley and those tress that still held onto colorful fall leaves, they held paws and jumped down to the ground.

“Hey, Stinky, let’s take a selfie so we will always remember this adventure,” said Periwinkle.

As they got back into their coats and hats, Stinky explained that the area they were visiting was called Mill Mountain, and in addition to the star, a zoo occupied the area. He promised to bring Periwimkle back to visit the zoo in the spring when the weather would be warmer.

The temperature was starting to drop, so Stinky used his cell phone to call his mom to pick them up.

When they arrived back at Stinky’s house, he and Periwinkle enjoyed a dinner of Fancy Feast and played with Stinky’s fursibs.

Once again, Periwinkle would spend the night and go home in the morning, as Stinky wanted to make certain Periwinkle saw the Star after dark when it was lit up. To do that, they went to the upper deck at Stinky’s house and admired the “Star” as well as all the stars in the sky and a full moon.



“Oh, Stinky, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” said Periwinkle. She then turned and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. If it hadn’t been dark out, she would have seen that Stinky was blushing.

After a snack of Fancy Feast (so Stinky could get his medicine), Stinky showed Periwinkle the various options for sleeping over. He said he would be sleeping on the bed with his mom and dad and several fursibs. As it was so much colder than Periwinkle’s home, she decided to join Stinky and the others. They snuggled up together and quickly drifted off to sleep, as the fresh air and climbing escapade had made them quite tired. They both dreamt of the day’s adventure and the next one to come.

The End

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