Thankful Thursday

We always are happy on Thursdays to share with you the things for which we are thankful.

A grey tabby cat and a pale ginger cat on a catio.

Sawyer & Raleigh enjoying catio time.

I am delighted to report and truly thankful that Sawyer has not had a seizure (that Dad Tom and I know of) in four-and-a-half weeks. He is delighted to continue to enjoy kitten stinky goodness with his meds.

ginger cat wearing Cat Scout uniform


Cooper Murphy is happy he was able to follow in his big brother, Mau’s, paw steps and become a Cat Scout and eventually share leadership with Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats) of The Wildcats Troop. With the lowering of the Cat Scouts flag for the final time this past weekend, Cat Scouts came to an end. I am not certain what Cooper Murphy will do with all his free time. Regardless, I am thankful he, Mau and I had the opportunity to be a part of this organization. We thank Karen Nichols, Denmaster, for creating this group and dedicating nearly ten years to it.

Kitties Blue and I are so thankful for each of you who follow and support us. We truly appreciate your friendship.

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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

As much as I tried to add one of the Kitties Blue to this week’s poetry inspiration photo provided by Angel Sammy and Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats), it just wasn’t to be.

Here’s the photo followed by the Haiku I wrote to accompany it.


Baby wearing an aqua and lime green swim cap in a swimming pool and being held by a woman

Swimming is so fun
The water tickles my toes
Mom, please don’t let go

If you’d like to try your hand at writing some poetry, check out Two Spoiled Cats, by clicking on the poetry badge. You’ll find next week’s inspiration photo, as well as the poem Angel Sammy sent to Teddy from the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you’ll read it. Sammy is a terrific poet.

Purrs & Prayers Please



One of our dearest friends, Raz (Friends Furever), who just happens to be the brother of Sawyer’s girlfriend, Noelle, and Angel Mau’s wife, Angel Allie, is not well. He’s been ill for several months and on medication, but he’s lost a lot of weight and is not doing well. If you can, please send him some prayers. And kitties, if you can add some purrs and POTP that would be wonderful.

Thank you.