We have oodles to give thanks for today. We have decided to start small and build up to the grand finale.

1.  Dad brought a big paper grocery bag home from shopping yesterday. The humans always take reusable bags with them, so we haven’t had a great crunchy bag to play and hide in forever. We think this is the first one Calista Jo has ever seen. None of us would indulge the humans, however, and allow them to get a photo of one of us in the bag.

2. We are so glad our humans are finally home. We missed cuddling in bed every night and stealing their warm kitchen chairs as soon as they get up. And, of course, we missed the birdies, squirties and our catio. It has rained almost non-stop since they’ve been home, but we still have been going out and tuning into our favorite TV channels.

3. Leo at Savannah’s Paw Tracks has been lovingly nursed back to health, for which we know efurrybuddy is very happy and relieved. But now Leo needs his forever home. We’d like to help him find this in California where he now resides. Please help spread the word.

leo's castle small

4. Today is the birthday for our nation. We are so happy that we live in America where we all have our independence. This is particularly impawtant to us cats as we cherish and flaunt our independence daily. Have a great celebration today, but make sure all the kitties are in the house before the fireworks start. All the loud noises and bright lights are pretty scary.

happy 4th of July gifs

5. And finally, we received a new award, My Favorite Things Award, from Katie Isabella. It was such a great surprise, and we are so, so grateful to Katie. If you don’t know her, we are really surprised and ask that you please drop by and visit her. That our blog is one of her favorites warms our little kitty hearts.


Isn’t it a beautiful award? 

Of course, we need to do something to accept this, but we don’t mind. We are just so thankful that we have readers who like our blog. We are supposed to list six things that are our favorites.  Then we get to pass this along to other kitties or woofies. As there are eight of us, and we all like different things (except catnip is a fav for all of us), we are each going to list one or possibly two or three things that are our favorite(s).

Lily Olivia: My favorite things are to go outside so I can hide from Mauricio and the other kitties and to sleep in my dough bowl on the kitchen counter in the sun.

Mauricio: My favorite thing is talk and talk and talk and gripe and protest and me-yowl and caterwaul.

Misty May: Sleeping on mom’s head is my favorite thing, of course.

Giulietta: Vegging the day away on the upper pedestal of the cat tree/condo is mine.

Fiona: Snuggling with my sisfur, Giulietta, and giving the humans my super, wide-eyed stare so that they wonder what I have been doing.

Astrid:  Escaping from the house or catio to explore the yard and sleeping in the sun on the chair cushion in the sewing room are my favorite things.

Lisbeth: I like to watch bird and squirrel TV and nap on the laundry room hamper.

Calista Jo: I have three favorite things. I love to jump on top of Mauricio and try to get him to play with me. I love chasing and being chased by Astrid. But most of all, at bedtime, I love snuggling in the crook of Mom’s arm, purring and then falling asleep.

Deciding who to pass this award to is so super hard. We have so many favorite blogs. But here’s our list:

 Katnip Lounge  Jacqueline’s Cat House  Nylablue  (our Honorary Sisfur) and Sherriellen’s Purrfect Pad   Prancer Pie  Colehaus Cats Kitty Tales 

We have many, many more favorites. Some already have this award and others we will leave available for our picks to nominate.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

P.S. We just found out that Beverly and Sophie from moggiepurrs have nominated us for another award. What an embarrassment of riches. Thank you so much! We will post about it in a day or two.