It is a known fact that I DO NOT play! I shun the Play Circuit track toy and the Cat’s Meow. Feather toys annoy and scare me. And forget the red dot. It moves too fast, and too many of my fursibs are charging through the house in a pack trying to catch it. And they don’t care who is in their path. At best, I will sit on the stairs and watch them.

But wait…what is this? It’s a red dot. It’s moving about the room all on its own. Mom is not controlling and whipping it around sending all the morons other cats into a frenzy. How could this be?

Here it comes…I'm ready!

Here it comes…I’m ready!

Hey, look everybody. I caught the dot.

Hey, look everybody. I caught the dot. (Please forgive the blurry quality of this photo. Mom’s photographic abilities are not always up to par.)

Hey, it’s a new toy, and it generates a slower and more erratic red dot. Mom is no where in sight and my competition seems to be holding back a little. Dot, do you want me to play? You do. Well, maybe just a little.

Wow, this is fun. Watch out dot, here I come!

Hey, dot, where did you go?

Hey, dot, where did you go?

This Independent Gyrating Red Dot Generator* (my name for it) makes a crazy whirring sound. When I hear it, I come running from wherever I am in the house. I think the other cats hold back a little (though they do play sometimes) when they hear this ’cause most of them don’t like strange noises. Yippee for me ’cause I don’t mind! I will even let Chris (our housekeeper) bring the vacuum right up to my toes without budging.

Unfortunately, Calista Jo decided she wanted to play during this particular session. As she is young and rambunctious, I deferred to her pouncing playfulness.

Calista watches the red dot draw near, and...

Calista watches the red dot draw near

…and sweep right across her paws.

…and sweep right across her paws.











Sorry, red dot! It was fun while it lasted and, I know we will be together again soon.

Purrs and Paw-pats, Giulietta

Blog of The Year 2013 AwardNow for a few words from Mom: I had promised a while back to award the 2013 Blog of the Year Award to anyone needing just one star in order to have all six. I heard from only one kitty, Oui Oui from Twinkletoe Tails. So…here is your final star, Oui Oui. And hint, hint…we only need one more star to have all six as well.

Several of you left comments on our attention-getting Easy Like Sunday: Full Stools post about where your mind went (and it wasn’t to furniture) when you read that headline. That’s pretty much what I expected and was surprised more of the commenters didn’t say that.

Our bag lady, Astrid, wanted me to tell you about her bag. It’s the only one she has selected for napping. I believe this is because it is the insulated grocery bag which has all the Barn Cat Buddies adoption binders, paperwork and thank you notes. I believe she thinks by sleeping in that bag she can prevent me from working on anything that has to do with other kitties.

Product Details* This is the toy I recently purchased for the kitties.

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

A final few words from Giulietta: Mom was not being as generous as she wants you to believe. Though I am especially grateful, I know she purchased this because she is just plain L-A-Z-Y. One of her New Year’s Promises was to actively play with us everyday. Now she and Dad think they can turn this thing on for several 15-minute sessions per day, and we will all be purrfectly happy, and she will be keeping her promise.

Note to Mom: N-O-T!