fantablulous awardWe recently got these two super cool awards from Texas of Texas, a Cat in New York, Austin. To be more precise this first one is for Lisbeth, who was Texas’ date for the Howl-o-ween Ball. She was quite thrilled to receive her very own award and delighted with its purple color. Thank you Texas! Supposedly, there are no Rules with this award, but we do want to pass it on to some friends.

Based on Mauricio’s Rules, we are required to give this to Sammy (onespoiledcat), Allie (The Florida Furkids at Friends Furever), Nylablue (Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad) and Bailey (Bailey Boat Cat). We know our sisfur, Nylablue, already has this one, but we hope none of the remainder of you have received it yet.

We also want to nominate: Halle, Calle and Sukki (Jacqueline’s Cat House), Sophie (moggirpurrs),  Moosey, Gracie and Zoe (Animal Shelter Volunteer Life), Maxwell, Faraday and Allie (A Tonk’s Tail), all the furries, but especially Boomer and Tutu ’cause they look like Lisbeth and Astrid (Furries of Whisppy)  and finally, Noodle (It’s Noodle).

He also awarded us the Cracking Crispmouse Bloggywog Award. We love what this one represents. It does have a few rules to follow.

cracking crispmouse awardHere they are:

1. To be eligible for the award, a bloggywog must spread one or more of joy, peace, hope and love.
2. Anyone receiving the award may, if they wish, pass it on to any other anipal bloggywogger whose bloggywog satisfies rule number one.
3. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of furiends you can pass the award onto: You can be as Scroogy or as generous as you like. We have no intention of being Scrooges, as we wouldn’t exist without all of our terrific friends and followers.

Once again, passing on to Sammy, Nylablue, Allie and Bailey (links above). The others we are passing this to are: Speedy (Speedy then Cheeky House Bunny), Timmy (Tomcat Commentary by Tim), Oui Oui, Julie, Carl and Mica Minnie Moo (Twinkletoe Tails), Nellie, Kozmo and JoJo (The Cat from Hell), Austin Towers (CATachresis) and Flynn (Eric’s and Flynn’s Adventures).

Blog of The Year 2013 AwardAnd finally, also from Texas, another star for the 2013 Blog of the Year Award. This now gives us Five Stars. Click here to see our previous nominations for this award. If you are needing your sixth star for this award, please let us know in Comments, and we will pass this on to you in our next post. 

Our humans are thankful for something today as well. The frozen pipes are thawed and both hot and cold water are now running in the kitchen without any leaks or bursts! Thank COD! And they don’t have to wash the dishes in the bathroom sink anymore.

Purrs and hugs Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo