A few days after her birthday, Astrid received a goody-filled box in the mail from her inamorato, Sampy from Kitty Cat Chronicles.

He is so thoughtful, sending her a big jar of her favorite treats, Pounce, which we can no longer find in our area. He also sent some great toys, which you can see in the photos. But best of all (included in the card on which he left his paw print in Astrid’s favorite color, purple) was his actual furs imbedded with catnip. Guess which of the birthday gifts Astrid liked best?


Astrid with Sampy furs

Astrid surrounded by her gifts and checking out Sampy’s nippy furs.

According to Sampy, the cheetah ball with the feathers (foreground left) is one of his favorite toys. I do have photos on my iPhone of Astrid playing with hers. Unfortunately, my phone has died, so I will show those to you at another time.


Card showing Sampy's paw print.

Card showing Sampy’s paw print.

Astrid is standing on the card’s printed message: Because of you, I even smile in my sleep. Among other things, Sampy wrote, “I know this is true because Mom and Dad have told me.” How sweet is that? Sampy said some other lovely things, but Astrid says she prefers not to share these with everybody. Though, if you look closely at the photos, you can easily read the card.


Mau photo bombs Astrid, and she tries to whap him.

Wanting to check out her birthday gifts, Mau photo bombs Astrid. She gives him the stink eye and tries to whap him.

Astrid was thrilled with all her birthday gifts and is sending Sampy more kisses than he can even imagine.


Astrid gets the gifts, and Lily Olivia gets the box.

Astrid gets the birthday gifts, and Lily Olivia claims the box.



teasernewfirstguesserIn other news, I am thankful, surprised and delighted that we received the First Right Guesser Award from Sammy (onespoiledcat) yesterday. I only knew the answer first one other time, but figured I was wrong so didn’t guess. I am proud to display Sammy’s newly designed award!





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