I had a post planned for Wordless Wednesday, but the servers where my blog is stored were under “Brute Force Attack” by someone trying to hack into the WordPress accounts so I was unable to access my account. Today, in addition to being thankful for awards we recently received, I am thankful to be back on-line.

A few days ago, we received two awards from our beautiful sisfur, Nylablue, and her mum, SherriEllen, from Nylablue and SherriEllen’s Purrfect Pad. The first award was The WordPress Family Award. We already have this one, but are pleased to accept it again. The reason is that I have recently discovered a couple of WordPress powered blogs to which I would like to pass it.  They are: Bad Cat Chris and Meows and Purrs.

The second award is so exciting, and I am really anxious to pass this one on.


Several of you have been so supportive of the kitties and our blog by reading and commenting regularly. I am passing this on to all those who have commented 50 or more times since I started posting in July 2012. That means I would also be sending it back to Nylablue. Here are the recipients:

 Cat Chat with Caren and Cody  Furries of  Whisppy  Spitty Speaks ♥ CATachresis  Brian’s Home  Tomcat Commentary by Tim  Stunning Keisha  onespoiledcat  Prancer Pie

Even if I am not passing this award on to everyone who has ever read or commented on this blog, I am absolutely grateful for each of you.

We are also supposed to ask a rhetorical question: Do you think I like cats?

I hope each of you will pass this award to others. The only requirement I know of is the rhetorical question.

P.S. Don’t forget about the following call for submissions:

The creator of the book A Letter To My Dog™ is working on the natural follow up: A Letter To My Cat.  The upcoming tome will feature a compilation of cat portraits accompanied by personal letters from devoted cat owners.

To create a volume of pet owners’ stories, the team behind the book is putting a call out to cat owners for story and photo submissions.

You can potentially be featured in the book by submitting a letter to your cat along with a photo!

The book team requires the following for submission:

•    Your letter: Please start it “Dear XXX,” and remember to sign it (Love, Mom / Dad…etc.). The length should be under 500 words.

•    Photos: We need you to submit a few photos of your cat alone, no people. Ideally, these would be your own photos, but if they are professional, please include photographer information so we can contact them for the rights if necessary.

•    Contact Info: Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address and any website/blog/social media info.

Remember to include any stories that highlight your cat’s unique personality and expresses how much he/she means to you!


Deadline for submissions is 8/20/13.