Giulietta (March 18, 2010 – October 10, 2021)

When Giulietta shared her selfie with you on Sunday, both she and I knew it would be her last. At the time, however, we weren’t prepared to share or accept that fact.



When I adopted this ball of floof on May 7, 2010, she and her sister were just seven weeks old. They were undoubtedly the cutest kittens I’d ever seen. We nicknamed them Tribble and Trouble, after the Star Trek episode, ‘The Trouble with Tribbles.” At the time, I had no idea neither would stay in our lives for such a short time. Fiona left us at age six on December 1, 2016, which seems like only a minute ago. And now, at just age 11, Giulietta has been reunited with her sister.

Giulietta had been lethargic for a few days. Being a low-energy cat and somewhat reclusive since losing her sister, we were not immediately concerned. Then Dad Tom noticed her tongue looked white. Finding her gums were white as well, we took her for a check-up on October 7. She was anemic and after blood work, we were given a preliminary diagnosis of large cell lymphocytic leukemia. We didn’t know the vet Giulietta saw, but he didn’t think she was critical. His plan was to refer her to the Vet School at Virginia Tech. We agreed and brought Giulietta home.

The following morning she was having trouble breathing, and we went back to our vet’s office. She was given some oxygen, and we brought her home again with oral steroids and antibiotics. It was obvious, however, that she was quickly going downhill and in pain. I contacted our wonderful, semi-retired, long-time vet, Dr. Kathie Neel.

Saying Good-Bye

On Sunday morning, Dr. Neel came to the house and helped Giulietta join her beloved sister, Fiona. It was all ridiculously sudden, and neither Dad Tom nor I were prepared to lose her. But it was the right thing to do, and she passed peacefully in my arms.  Yesterday, Dad Tom and I placed her to rest in a spot in the garden not too far from Mau. I will be making a unique marker for her and will share a photo when it is in place.

Here is a special collage of our beautiful girl.



Angel Giulietta

Thankful Thursday

Eleven years with Giulietta was not nearly enough. She was a sweet and precious girl, and like her sister, her life was too short. But we are so thankful for the time we had together. She will be remembered lovingly and stay in our hearts always.

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