Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Every Thursday, our dear friends, Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats, give us the opportunity to interpret a photo through poetry. This week’s photo is especially beautiful, and I know my itty bitty poem doesn’t do it justice But for me, it expresses what I feel.

Thankful - Heaven


If I gaze steadily and concentrate,
I can see my beginning and my end
And all those I’ve loved and lost,
Deep within these celestial rays.
I wonder when we will meet again?

© Janet Buickerood Blue 05/23/2018

Sammy writes a poem each week and transmits it from the Rainbow Bridge. He is a talented poet, and you will definitely want to read what he’s written with reference to this photo. You can go to Two Spoiled Cats to read his poem by clicking on the badge below. You’ll also find links to other poems in the comments.

Thankful Thursday

Sawyer – the acrobat.

We also like to list our “thankfuls” each week and share them on a blog hop hosted by Brian. Our big thankful today is that Sawyer has not had a seizure in 12 days. I am praying that by writing this I am not jinxing our little fellow. He’s gotten wise to the fact that we are putting medication in his food and often leaves some behind. When he does this, he gets an extra spoonful of stinky goodness. As I have said often in other posts, “Cats are opportunists.”

Also this week Dad Tom and I are grateful for all the kind comments and good wishes as we celebrated our 45th anniversary.

To join the blog hop, just list for what you are grateful on your blog and then click on Brian’s badge below to be transported to his blog where you can share.