Calista Jo 'helping' me write this post. Typing is rather difficult, but my lap is very, very warm.

Calista Jo ‘helping’ me write this post. Typing is rather difficult, but my lap is very, very warm.

I’d  like to thank all of you who have sent congratulations and concatulations  on our receiving the Reality Blog Award. When I decided to write a blog about our kitties, I had no idea how many cat blogs were in existence. Nor did I know anything about links, tags, blog rolls or awards.

In the past couple of months, I have been trying to visit as many kitty blogs as possible and subscribe. I haven’t found any that I don’t like. Because, unlike dog owners, who are usually partial to one or two breeds, we cat lovers most often love all cats! I am enjoying meeting and getting to know so many kitties and especially seeing their photos. My furry kids are a little jealous of this, but they have agreed to my pursuit as long as they can write some of the blogs as well as keep me company while I write.

I have found informative, clever, sensitive, funny, sad, cute, heart-warming and every type of cat blog imaginable. I am certain I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already. I want to thank all of you who have such extensive Blog Rolls as that’s where I am finding most of these kitty blogs.* But even with so many cat-centric blogs out in cyberspace, it does seem like another one is welcomed and eventually gains some followers. Because as I stated, if you love one cat, you usually love all cats.

I started my blog because I had been unsuccessfully trying to write about my kitties for several years. I had a number of false starts and found the task daunting. I thought the blog approach would give me the opportunity to do what I wanted but in smaller increments and without the stress. I was right on both accounts.

But no matter how much personal satisfaction I get from this, the positive feedback from those of you who have subscribed to or read my blog is a huge motivating factor, and I am so grateful for your feedback and support.

* I am still trying to determine how to create a Blog Roll in the latest version of WordPress. According to my “WordPress for Dummies,” it appears as if this process was much easier than it is now. If any of you WordPress users can impart some relevant advice, I would lap it up like a bowl of milk and send you many cyber head-butts and purrs.

Happy blogging to all. I look forward to reading as many of your future posts as possible.