See how hard Misty May is working on the humans' behalves.

See how hard Misty May is working on the humans’ behalf.

Mom got us a new toy. She claims it was a thank you for letting her blog about us for the past year. We’re thinking she darn well better thank us and with more than one chintzy toy. When she told us about her idea for this blog, she failed to mention that she was going to turn us into her personal slaves and make us write some of the posts and almost all the comments on blogs about other cats. We still can’t understand why she feels the need to read these. Isn’t eight cats enough? Dad continues to say it is. It’s as if she thinks we don’t have lives of our own or anything to do. Who does she think keeps her precious home safe from marauding squirrels and the damn stinky skunks that inhabit our personal territory? Those two things alone constitute a full-time job for some us.

We think our gift isn’t a thank you present but a bribe to allow her to continue to take advantage of us and to assuage her guilt for all she has already piled onto our itty-bitty kitty shoulders. And besides, this new toy was cheap! She saw it over on Sparkle‘s blog, and Sparkle said it was reasonably priced. That sent our mom’s eye-balls spinning around in her head as if she had just won a slot machine jackpot. She loves a good deal…like an additional 50 percent off of something that’s already been marked down 75 percent. We think when it comes to us, she’s always got her sights on spending pennies and not dollars.

Giulietta and Fiona don't want Mom to think they have and interest in the Play Circuit while CJ checks it out.

Giulietta and Fiona don’t want Mom to think they have any interest in the Play Circuit while CJ checks it out.

Anyway, what she saw was one of those racetrack thingies. We do know that she has been wanting to get us one, but thought they were too expensive. No surprise there. But when she checked out Entirely Pets as Sparkle suggested, she discovered that the Play Circuits by Catit® Design Senses were downright cheap! To give her some props, she did buy two so that we could have a big track and more than one of us could play at any given time. Each track comes with its own ball, and Dad put both balls in when he put it together.

Giulietta observes CJ's technique with the Play Circuit.

Giulietta observes CJ’s technique with the Play Circuit.

So far, Mrs. Cheapo has played with it more than we have. She claims that she’s trying to teach us how, but we know she’s lying. She bought it for herself and is just too embarrassed to admit it. But Lisbeth (now, that is a surprise) and Calista (no surprise, she’s still a baby after all) have been playing, with as many as five of us looking on. Mauricio gets on his haunches and gives it his best Wimbledon-watching attention. And he did actually touch one of the balls.

Most of us, however, would rather play with the Cat’s Meow. It has batteries!

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo