My dearest friends,

Thank you for the outpouring of care, concern, purrs, prayers and love. And thank you Ann (Zoolatry) for this beautiful graphic.


Thank you & Purrs and Prayers for FIONA Badge


First, the good news: Giulietta had her blood work done Wednesday morning. Her BUN and Creatinine are within normal limits. I am very happy for her as are Mom and Dad.

I spent my second full day at our veterinarian’s office yesterday getting IV fluids. I will spend the morning there today before they close for the holidays.

Mom says I seemed more puny last night than I did when I got home Tuesday night. I did eat a few treats twice and a couple of tiny bites of stinky goodness. Mom says I drank enough water to float a battleship, whatever that means. She thought it was an awful lot for a kitty who was getting IV fluids all day. What can I say? I was thirsty. She knows that’s part of the disease.

As Mom types this for me I am curled up at the end of Mom and Dad’s bed. The Party Mix is on Mom’s nightstand so she can tempt me to eat.

Mom, Dad and I appreciate the helpful information provided by those who have dealt with or are dealing with a CKD kitty. They will be armed with the right questions to ask Dr. Neel when they talk to her today.

So tomorrow is Christmas Day. We will be posting our Christmas card, which has not made it to either snail- or e-mail yet. Mom says that she and I are going to finish them Christmas Day so most of you should have yours by the new year. Paws crossed! We also have some festive tree photos for you.

Again, thank you all for your good wishes. This is the best community of loving and compassionate individuals. We feel privileged to be members. And if I may be so bold as to ask, please continue to purr and pray for me.

Love, hugs and paw-pats, Fiona