Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



The Tale of the Pod Potato

Do you have a special place you like to nap?
Is it on the floor or in a cozy lap?
What about a cat tree or a window ledge?
Is it upon your human’s pillow or bed?
For me, nothing but a Sleepypod will do.
That is why we now have two.
If I must wait around to get my turn
To curl in the warm place for which I yearn,
The Sleepypod interloper better watch out—
I’ll give them a whack. There isn’t any doubt!
Summer, winter, spring or fall,
I hear the pod’s silent, yet seductive call,
Asking me to step inside for a snooze.
If someone wants my spot, there will be dues.
Treats and catnip toys will be accepted,
But if they enter my pod, they’ll be rejected.
When I’m in my pod, only I will fit.
I’m a pod potato and darn proud of it.

© Lisbeth Blue 03/29/2017


Pod Potato Lisbeth-1


So that’s my poem and photo for Two Spoiled Cats’ Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Did you guess the prompt letter for this week? If you didn’t, it is “P.” Hop on over to Angel Sammy’s and Teddy’s blog to read their poem and find links to poems written by some of your favorite bloggers.

Thankful Thursday

It was easy to select for what I am thankful. It is that we now have two SleepyPods. I spend the day popping between the two following the sun. Mom keeps trying to convince me to spend some time on the catio, but I won’t budge. Today, Dad Tom put one of the pods on the catio thinking I might take the bait. I guess he didn’t get the memo stating that I am a cat, and I do what I want. At that is what I did. That pod remained empty on the catio all afternoon.

Anyhoo, I am joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop sponsored by Brian’s Home. To join, click on their badge.




Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth