Kitties Blue finally have given me permission to share a slideshow featuring a few vacation photos from Tortola, BVI. Tom was the official photographer. I know vacation photos can be boring, but if you take a few moments to watch, you might even see a couple of kitties. Just don’t let my gang know about those photos.

Do not cursor over the photos as this will add dots that obscure the descriptions.


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This is our favorite vacation spot for complete R & R. It truly is paradise. We have only one rule when visiting Tortola: We must be on the balcony for sunset. Every sunset is unique, and we cannot allow ourselves to miss even one.

While watching the sunset we listen to the sound of the waves bathing the shore of Long Bay. Actually we can hear this soothing sound at all times, and it lulls me to sleep each night. This is one of my favorite sounds. I would really miss it at home if I didn’t have my second favorite sound (Calista Jo’s purr) to lull me to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of paradise on earth.


I wanted to use one of the photos from our recent vacation in Tortola for today’s art creation. This is the photo I selected.




The photo (taken by Tom) didn’t need any embellishment to be beautiful. That made the process of turning it into something “arty” very difficult. I tinkered with the photo in several different editing programs mostly using the HDR effect. The final step was adding the blurred border using LunaPic.




I do not like the art version as well as the original photograph, but I do think it is interesting. So, I’m entering it in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. To see all the submissions and/or enter one of your own, click on their badge.

Another week has sped by making tomorrow the time for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We will have a guest host tomorrow, and you’ll have to come by to find out who it is. Hope to see you here and that you will decide to submit your own selfie. #SundaySelfies



Okay…so Kitties Blue really weren’t away but Humans Blue were. That’s right, those pesky humans, who think they can do whatever they want whenever they want, abandoned us for 15 days—an entire one-half of the month. We bet you are wondering what could take them away from our sweet and adorable selves. Well here it is:




TortolaMom calls this place paradise*. We don’t see it. Looks like one big litter box to us. Sitting around all day in a litter box is not our idea of fun.

Besides sitting around in the sand, we heard the humans, formerly known as Mom and Dad, were eating gourmet food and imbibing in rum-based, secret concoctions. Worst of all…wait for it…they were fraternizing with a whole slew of other critters. And some of those critters were C-A-T-S!

Word around the house is that a total of 1,398 photos exist attesting to this beyond-belief betrayal. Absolutely no way they are going to wiggle their way out of this purrfectly pawful perfidy.

With all those photos, we guarantee you will see more evidence of how little they care about our well-being. We know for a fact that the male human has already posted a tall tale about their abduction as well as oodles of photos on FaceBook. The female is planning a slideshow next week on our blog.

Don’t get us wrong. We were not neglected or mistreated during their absence. Kitty care-giver and housekeeper extraorinaire, Chris, came twice each day to feed and look after us. As usual, treats and catnip were in plentiful supply, and we even got to go out on the catio on nice days. That doesn’t mean we have not petitioned the commonwealth to cite them for cat abandonment. We’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

And finally, one last photo to torture tease tantalize you.




Purrs and paw-pats (with hisses for our humans), Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

*Tortola, British Virgin islands