Is This a True Truce?

Yesterday Mom plopped me down in front of the laptop and told me I had to write this post. Imagine my shock. We rarely post on Mondays, as we are tying to recover from the flurry of Sunday Selfies. Apparently she feels some urgency in getting this news to you. I don’t see the importance of this myself, but I never turn down an opportunity to tap my toesies on the keyboard. Though, I prefer to write what I want…not what is dictated to me.

Supposedly this whole to-do started yesterday when Lisbeth mentioned something about a possible truce. Supposedly, Lisbeth thinks we are having one. She even claimed to have photographic proof, which seems to be the reason I am here today. I have been tasked with sharing that proof, which surprisingly actually exists.


Astrid and Lisbeth - truce?


Astrid and Lisbeth truce?


As you can see by the second photo, I am uncertain about how wise it is to be in such close proximity to Lisbeth. She may have been pretending to ignore me in that first photo, but I can feel her staring at me in the second one. Thus, the grumpy expression and airplane ears. But, once again, no hissing (Lisbeth), screaming (me) or whacky paws.

Is this really a truce? Will it continue? Who knows? I certainly have no idea. It would be nice to have the support of my sisfur, as I am still being bullied by Misty May. Mom says I shouldn’t run from her but turn around and smack her. I don’t think that is going to happen. I see her racing toward me with that big, poofy tail, and I freak!

But, I digress… I suppose Lisbeth and I could be mellowing as we approach our sixth birthdays next month. That would be nice. But I have no intention of holding my breath. I suspect either Lisbeth or I will be giving you updates. But from my side, consider no news good news.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid with kisses for my husband Sampy