Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen


You may recall this ballpoint pen sketch of Lily Olivia created by Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen last April.




Clausen was drawing many of our friends, like Sammy, Flynn, Siddhartha, Austin, Speedy, to name a few. At the time, Clausen had challenged himself to draw daily and was taking requests for portraits.

When he contacted us last week to let us know that he is now doing portraits on commission and ask us to put the link to his new site on our previous post, we were happy to oblige. You can find that original post here.

We like supporting artists and so offered to do another post for Clausen, who offered to do another portrait for us. Several of us and most of our angels have been memorialized in one type of art piece or another. Mom would like to have a portrait of each of us eventually. We’re sort of surprised which of us she selected for this new portrait—none other than the pest/bum Mauricio. She claims to have selected him not out of favoritism but because of his distinctive look.

portraitMom sent Clausen three photos to work from, and he chose this one. Mom used this same photo as the basis for her “double exposure” entry in the Caturday Art Blog Hop a couple of weeks ago. Mom really liked her art piece but claims it cannot compare to the portrait Clausen created using india ink, ballpoint pen and white correction fluid. We are certain you will agree.




Clausen says of his portraits, “There’s a great difference between seeing a portrait that looks like someone and a portrait that clearly is that someone. Some of it is in the eyes—some of it is in the posture—but a big part of it, you just can’t put your finger on! My goal is not to create a “photograph-like” representation of your pet—granted, a great photo is a work on art in itself—but what I like to do, is paint or draw your pet the way I see it—I make an interpretation rather than a copy, and then put some of your pet’s “being” back into the picture.

We think he caught Mauricio’s being perfectly and send our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen for the inspired portrait of Mauricio.

To see more of Clausen’s work, visit his blog, One Drawing Daily. To commission a pet portrait, visit his new site at

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