teeth cleaning


I am not a happy camper. I have been betrayed by the parental units. Today my toofies are getting cleaned, and I am having my blood purloined away for a Senior Panel. This is totally unfair. No other kitty here is having to have this invasion of their mouth. And I already refused to allow my bloods to be drawn at our annual round-up. What makes these misguided humans think I’m going to give my permission this time?

I have been so distressed about this entire situation. Even my friend and best man, Sammy, reminding me that it would be good to have clean toofies for Allie‘s and my upcoming wedding did not buoy spirits. I finally had to resort to some tuxie love and comfort. Now one would think that my sisfur Misty May would hold my paw, especially as she isn’t having her mouth violated. We, however, are not the best of friends.

So, I turned to the other tuxie in the house, Lisbeth. We had a good snuggle and nap together. After we woke up we continued to cuddle, and she gave me some reassuring words. It’s nice to know she empathizes with me. I promised her that when the day comes she has to have this toothy cleaning done I would be there to hold her paw.


Tuxie Tuesday Two-Fur


If all this wasn’t bad enough, Mom picked up all our foodables at 9 p.m. last night. Now I am not one to get up and nibble during the night, but the food is called CALM. Don’t you think this would have been good for me to munch on to settle my nerves? All I can say for now is that the treats better be free-flowing when I get home.

As tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday, either Mom or I will be back on Thursday to let you know how my day went.

Until then…

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio