Birthday Wishes to Mau & Misty May

Yesterday Mauricio and Misty May celebrated their 14th birthday amid zero fanfare. We decided to postpone any celebrating until today. They will be receiving a new nip nanner from me and their dad. As Chris comes tomorrow to clean, the nip and treats also will be flowing. As Mau is our master baker, it’s difficult to surprise him and make anything yummy, but I snuck into his Cat Scouts Bake Shop last night and whipped up this cake for him and Misty May.


birthday cake for Mau and Misty May


Please join us for some cake as well as catnip, champagne and nip ice cream.


birthday noms

Mau and Misty May are most grateful to Mau’s best friend and Best Man, Angel Sammy, and Teddy (aka Butter Bean) from Two Spoiled Cats for this beautiful and thoughtful card.


Birthday card for Mauricio and Misty May.


Mau also received a sweet note from the love of his life and wife, Allie (Friends Furever). His Wolverine patrol mates, Gracie and Anya, also sent Mau this Happy Birthday banner and cards. They are good friends and always so thoughtful.


birthday banner


Birthday card from Gracie.

Birthday card from Anya.


Stay as long as you like, we have an endless supply of nip and champagne.

Pirates Tomorrow

Tomorrow is one of the most celebrated days in the blogosphere: Talk Like a Pirate Day. Kitties Blue will be here dressed in their pirate garb and ready to celebrate with some grog and pillaging.