Sunday Selfies: Week #297

Sunday Selfies

Sunday Selfies


I hope you don’t mind seeing me two days in succession.

And yes, I had another seizure yesterday. That’s the third one this week, and this was a gran mal. Mom says that is too many too close together, but I have no control over when one might happen. That’s one reason the Stay at Home order hasn’t been too hard for our mom and dad. They are accustomed to at least one of them always being at home, except on very rare occasions.

I appreciate each and every friend who continues to send prayers, purrs, POTP and love to me. You make every day better. Thank you.

Hopping Time

So…now it is your turn to share your selfie with us and all your friends who look forward to seeing you each week. I know you are super busy entertaining your humans, but I don’t think they will mind if you take a few minutes to snap your photo.

Remember, you don’t have to post on Sundays to join the hop. It’s open through Thursday.

Mom would love it if you’d post our badge and maybe even link back to us. But no worries if you don’t. Just make certain you link up to your selfie post.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer