One Lovely Blog Award

We want to thank our furiends Cat Scout Shoko and fursib Kali from The Canadian Cats for the One Lovely Blog Award.

To accept this award we must tell you seven things about ourselves. (As always we will give eight answers so we all can pawticipate.) We don’t think there is a darn thing about us you don’t already know. Would it be okay if we share some actual and true facts as well as make some things up? It will be much more amusing. If you are bored, you can try to guess which are true and which are not.

1. Lily Olivia: I have applied for a patent on my recently invented bacon-flavored, edible underwear for cats.

2. Misty May: My best furiend is a stuffed bear named Snuffles.

3. Mauricio: I bite my toenails!

4. Giulietta: I am not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

5. Fiona: I usually miss breakfast because I hide UTB while all the other kitties head downstairs to eat.

6. Astrid: I once auditioned for the part of The Cheshire Cat in an operatic version of “Alice in Wonderland.”

7. Lisbeth: One of the things on my Bucket List is to go zip lining.

8. Calista Jo: My name was Josette (Josie) when our humans adopted me.

We will now pay the honor forward by nominating eight of our bloggy furiends:

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♦ Eric & Flynn’s Adventures ♦ Lone Star Cats ♦ Tomcat Commentary by Tim ♦ 15 & Meowing ♦

Prize Winners

We recently won some cool prizes from 15 & Meowing and want to say, “thank you.” When the envelope arrived, Lily Olivia immediately pounced on it. She wouldn’t leave it alone until Mom opened the package and gave her a cute crocheted, nip-filled “pumpkin” toy. She immediately took off with it, and we haven’t seen it since.










Another Birthday Card

Finally, Mau & Misty May received this colorful and special card from Timmy, Einstein, Rumpy, Miss Fitz, Toby, Mr. Buttons and Buddy-Budd at Tomcat Commentary by Tim. Thanks gang! If Mom doesn’t fall down on the job again, Mauricio will report tomorrow about his Cat Scout Surprise Birthday party.

 photo 09-17-14MauricioampMistyMaeHappyBirthday.jpg

Purrs and pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth & Calista Jo