We recently received our second PetBox filled with some exceptional goodies and treats. More than one of us tried to claim it before we even knew what was inside.


love affair


As our humans opened this PetBox, Lily pushed all of us aside just as she did with our first PetBox. She immediately climbed inside and had a hissy/growly fit when any of us tried to come near. Once she was able to get her paws on the contents, she settled down.

So, what did we receive?

Wellness Kittles Tuna & Cranberries Recipe Treats – These are 100% all-natural, grain-free and made from whole-food ingredients like tuna, cranberries and blueberries. The crunchy treats contain no meat-by products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  Some of us can be treat snobs, but seven of us gobbled these right up. Only C.J. turned them down.

PetLinks Carpet Clawz Hanging Scratcher – This was one of our favorite things in the box. It doesn’t hurt that the attached ball has nip in it. The minute Mom hung it on the door, we started working out.

Yeowww! Catnip Heart Attack – We have a Yeowww nanner which is filled with nipilicious goodness. Lily Olivia would not even let Mom take the nippy heart out of the box before grabbing it. After some others of us got a turn, Lily curled up with it in the box for an afternoon nap. Since then, Mom has seen each of us love on it and bat it around the kitchen.

Wobble Nip Catnip Diffuser Toy – A small amount of nip is included with this egg-shaped, plastic toy. It is very easy to swat around as it pops back upright again and again. It has some nose-tickling feathers in the top, one of which came dislodged rather quickly. Calista enjoyed playing with the single feather as much as anything else in the box.

Priscilla’s 100% Natural Catnip – This nip is ground super fine, and it will be perfect when we need to replace what’s currently in that egg. Ours went straight to the freezer to keep it fresh, after C.J. juggled with the bag for a bit.

Royal Canin Indoor Adult 27 Food Sample – We haven’t had an opportunity to try this yet. We’ll let you know what we think once we have our nibbles.

Mom put together a little slide show of us enjoying our goodies.
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PetBox can be ordered in any one of four sizes at prices of $9.95 (Snack), $19.95 (deluxe – 2 to 3 items), $39.95 (Premium – 4 to 6 items) and 59.95 (Multiple Pet – 7 to 12 items) per month. These options are billed monthly and can be cancelled at anytime.

PetBox also can be ordered as a three-month option at costs from $26.95 to $164.95 or for 12 months at costs from $95.40 to $599.40.

After our first review in January (which you can read by clicking here), we were delighted to accept an invitation to become a Brand Ambassador (like so many of our friends) for PetBox. As Brand Ambassadors we will receive a free PetBox each month for the next year in exchange for our honest review of the items enclosed. And we have the opportunity to offer our readers, who use the promo code KITTIESBLUE, a 10 percent discount on their first order. You can click on the PetBox graphic on our sidebar at anytime to be taken to the PetBox site.

As with our first PetBox we are delighted with the high-quality items included in this month’s shipment.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


Disclaimer: We received our petbox free of charge. We were not compensated monetarily or in any other way for our review. The opinions expressed are totally our own.



So what is a non-review you ask? It’s what you get when one of your cats climbs into the box of goodies you have set out to review and won’t let you or any other cat near it. That’s exactly what Lily Olivia did with the Petbox.

We were contacted at the end of 2014 by the petbox folks and asked if we would like to review their product. Of course, we replied in the affirmative. We received one of their cat boxes for multiple pets (a $59.95 value) shortly after the first of the year. With all the goodies the gang received for Christmas, I wanted to wait a while before opening it.

Lily Olivia and Mauricio were on hand when I set out to check the petbox contents. They were competing to see who could psyche out the other with the scariest stink-eye. Lily won.




The moment the petbox was opened Mauricio headed for parts unknown as Lily Olivia started hissing, growling and whapping us. She climbed into the box atop the inner paper covering the treats and toys. (Well, I assumed treats and toys were beneath the paper!)




Each time I tried to reach under the paper to withdraw an item I was greeted by growling and smacky paws. I eventually had to cut through the paper in an attempt to remove items. I was able to wrench from beneath Lily two mouse-shaped, 100% compressed Catnip Candy from Spot.




I dropped one of the mice back in the box hoping to distract my cat turned wild tiger. It didn’t, but I eventually was able to extract all the items from beneath her without extreme injury to myself.

She, Giulietta and Mauricio were able to taste test the all natural/grain free/chicken flavored Smart n’ Tasty Dental Treats. They gobbled them up immediately.

Lily Olivia’s behavior signaled to me that the items in the petbox met with her approval, and she intended to keep them all for herself along with the box. But that doesn’t really make a proper review. So I will post a full-review of the items in the petbox on Monday.




Until then, Lily Olivia is protecting the box and its contents by parking her butt in the box and daring any cat or human to remove her, the noms, treats or toys.




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