Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles have created a very special day, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, to honor and remember “those cherished pets we have lost but not forgotten.”

Whether your beloved pet had fur or fins, scales or feathers, they had a special place in your heart of hearts.

Today we are honoring and remembering the nine angel kitties in our family as well as our honorary kitty angel, Nylablue.


Angel Skooter


Angel Steamer



Angel Daphne


Angel Thelma



Angel Louise


Angel Chloe



Angel Twinkle


Angel Madison



Angel MacKenzie


Honorary Sisfur Angel Nylablue







































To learn more about them, you can visit our The Felines page.

We’d also like to remember and honor the two woofies who came before any of us, Smack and Poppy.

Please consider taking part in this first annual event. The hope is it will be the first of many to come. You are encouraged to post on your blog, your Facebook page, or any other social media of your choice in memory of your angel anipals.

This event is hosted by Purr Prints of the Heart. Although this was a day originally created in honor of  Zee and Zoey’s Mr. Jazz, it will now honor all those who have crossed their Rainbow Bridge.

Today, we are sending purrs and prayers to all the families and friends with angels who have crossed that Bridge.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


Once upon a time there was a little kitty with a huge purrsonality. She lived with her Mum Sherrie-Ellen in their Purrfect Pad in Ontario, Canada. She had a blog and lots of friends and followers. Including us. But to Kitties Blue, Nylablue was so much more than a friend. We fell in love with this blue-eyed beauty the moment we met her. When our mom discovered that her mum had added “blue” to her original name of Nyla, we all agreed that she should become a member of our furmily. That’s when Nylablue became our honorary sisfur.




We first introduced her as our honorary sisfur on June 14, 2013. Click here to read that post. And we immediately added her photo and short bio on our “The Felines” page.

Nylablue was already ill, after being bred and rebred, when we met her. If you don’t know her story and how she was saved by Sherri-Ellen and came to live at their Purrfect Pad, you can read it here. But no matter how sick she was, Nylablue soldiered on. The love and devotion she and her mum shared and the care of her long-time vet, Dr. Dave, kept her in all our lives for much longer than predicted.

Though we are brokenhearted Nylablue is no longer physically with her mum or the rest of us, we know it was her time to leave. Now this little cat with the huge purrsonality is busy visiting with her predecessor, Mingflower, and her old furiends while making new ones in Summerland. She is free of pain, healthy and happy. And she has all the tuna-tuna she can eat without having to worry about her figure.


remembering nylablue


Sherri-Ellen never knew Nylablue’s exact birth date so chose her own to share with her. The bond they shared will never be broken nor will the one we shared with her. Angel Nylablue will be in our hearts forever and ever. And we know that she is watching over all of us.

Savannah and Sage’s mom, Linda, (Savannah’s Paw Tracks) has set up a group at Gratefulness.org where you can light a candle for Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen. Click here to go to the site. You can leave a message as well as light a candle.

Thank you for joining us today. And thank you to all those who have posted their own tributes and memorials to Nylablue. She was truly a special cat here on earth and is now a special angel in Summerland.

Purrs and paw-pats from Nylablue’s brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and hugs from her Aunti Janet




Though I have done the Sunday Selfies thing before, I forgot I had to sit still when I was taking my selfies. I took a few with only an ear in the photo and this super blurry one. And then success! I think my final attempt turned out quite well. What do y’all think? Should I become a purrfessional model?


blurry to beauty


blurry to beauty


This is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. All critters (and humans too if they’d like) are welcome to join us. Just snap a “quickie,” post and then spend your normal Easy Sunday. As always, if you’d like to grab the linky code and post the submissions on your blog, would you purrlease link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge.


Finally, we would like to ask you to join us on Monday for a post dedicated to our lovely honorary sisfur, Nylablue. If you don’t know, Nylablue left us Saturday afternoon and is now in Summerland. She is still our sisfur and will remain in our hearts always, but now she is a special angel as well.



Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo


 Sunday Selfie




I got roped into this selfies post by deciding to sit by Mom’s computer a few days ago while she was working. (It’s not something I usually do.) She plopped her phone in front of me and politely asked demanded that I take some photos of myself. I took several, but this was the best one. In fact, I actually like it, especially with the pink background to match my nose!

This is a blog hop so please join us with your own selfie. If you’d like to grab the code and display the submissions on your blog, please post our badge and/or link to The Cat on My Head.



catworks giveawayAnd now for the winner of the “Meow Baby” original painting by Kevin Harwood. Concatulations to:  Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal. Wow this makes us pretty excited. Charlie is one of Mau’s Wolverine patrol mates at Cat Scouts. Bet Kevin didn’t expect his painting would be traveling so far away.

Please see our sidebar where you can find the web address for the CATWORKS Etsy store. Kevin will be offering a 10 percent discount on his original paintings through the end of December with the code CATZ10.


 Purrs and Prayers 

As our most beautiful and loving Honorary Sisfur Nylablue prepares to transition to her forever life in Summerland later this week, we ask that you please send your purrs and prayers to her. We want her last few days to be painless and filled with love and joy. We have been so honored to have Nylablue as part of our family, and we will carry her in our hearts always. We love you Nylablue, and we will watch out for Mum Sherri-Ellen. We have asked our angel brofur, Madison, to look for you, Nylable, and take care of you. He was the kindest and most gentle of man-cats, and we are sure he will take you under his paw and give you all the love you deserve. He’s a great cuddler as well!



 Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May and Kitties Blue



Calista Jo (Mauricio) Lisbeth

Calista Jo (Mauricio) Lisbeth

Calista Jo: Who’s there?

Mauricio: Mauricio.

Lisbeth: Mauricio, who?

Mauricio: Your brofur, Mauricio.

Lisbeth: I’m sorry we don’t have any brofurs, just sisfurs here.

Mauricio: Don’t be silly. You know me. I am the big, whiney Tuxedo cat.

Calista Jo: Oh, him. We don’t like him.

Lisbeth: Go away.

Mauricio: I’m not going anywhere. Now back away!

Lisbeth: No.

Mauricio: If you don’t, I’m going to bonk you on the heads with this cat door.

Calista Jo: You and what army?

Mauricio: Sheesh, you two are a pain in the backside.

Calista Jo: Lisbeth, I’m bored. Should we let him in?

Lisbeth: Yeah, I guess. If we don’t he’s going to sit there and whine.

Calista Jo: Oh yeah…I don’t like that.

Lisbeth: Let’s go watch the birds.

Calista Jo: Okay.

Mauricio: Finally, a guy could starve to death waiting on those two twits.

P.S. Please don’t forget to keep sending your love, prayers and purrs to our sisfur, Nylablue.


Beautiful Nylablue

Beautiful Nylablue

We had a funny post planned for today but have decided to hold it until this weekend.

Today, we are asking you to pray for our dearest, honorary sisfur, Nylablue.

As many of you know, Nylablue has a variety of health issues. But most recently, she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Though she is undergoing treatment, her time here on earth is now most likely limited.

She and her mum, Sherri-Ellen, have already received an incredible outpouring of love, prayers and support. But we could not let this opportunity to ask for more prayers slip away. Please put your paws together for Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen and ask God or purr to Ceiling Cat or to whomever you pray to give them the strength they need during this trying time. Let them know they are loved, in our hearts and embraced by a huge, communal hug.

If you have not dropped by to see Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen, please do so. We know they will appreciate it.

Thank you from Nylablue’s sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and Aunti Janet


Hi Efurrybuddy,

Have you missed us? Our visiting and commenting have been minimal and sporadic. But it is not our fault. Our lame-a-roo, gallivanting, thoughtless and neglectful humans left us again. This time they were gone for ten months weeks.

What? Days? No way. That’s just a big, fat fabrication on Mom’s part.

Though we managed to post a few times and leave a few comments, we had to do it by sending smoke signals to Mom in Canada ’cause that’s where she and our dad went. As usual, she took all the electronic devices with her. Without being able to keep up with our friends, we know we missed birthdays and other events, which, of course, has our furs ruffled.

And, the humans did not even visit our sisfur Nylablue while they were in Canada. We think the fact that she lives about 1,000 miles from where they visited is an excuse with no merit whatsoever.

We’ve been bored to hissing and growling without being able to go out on the catio (and it was 89 degrees F. yesterday). We can see a couple of our bird feeders from the kitchen window, but the minimal counter space requires us to take turns…more hissing and growling.

And, of course, Fiona is required to go UTB when Maggie comes to feed us. The rest of us made appearances, and Giulietta even let Maggie pet her, but that doesn’t mean we were happy about having a stand-in.

The humans arrived home as scheduled last night. That doesn’t happen too often. All of us, except Astrid, who was staring down from the top of the stairs, were swarming around the foyer by the time Dad got all the luggage inside. But only three of us, Mauricio, Misty May and Calista Jo, deigned to sleep with them. Lily Olivia managed to get herself closed up in the guest room overnight. Mom didn’t even see her dash in when she opened the door a fraction of an inch to switch off a light she accidentally left on when she left.

We were absolute angels during the absence. We only left three big hurls and threw another and different lamp on the floor busting the bulb. And Fiona got and still is nekkid.

Mauricio was fitted with a calming collar before the humans deserted us and did not manage to remove it. Mom hasn’t as yet had the opportunity to inspect the entire house for spray, and Mauricio is not talking.

Even Astrid is enjoying the catio today. Sorry her eyes are close, but we wanted to use the photo that showed her cute little buff-colored paw.

Even Astrid is enjoying the catio today. Sorry her eyes are closed and the photo is a little blurry, but we wanted to use the photo that showed her cute, little, buff-colored paw.

We are all looking forward to life getting back to normal. We are enjoying the catio right now and can’t wait to start visiting and letting all of our friends know what we think about their recent comings and goings.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

P.S., Mom only saw two live kitties while she was away. She was having withdrawals when she got home. That should get us even more attention that usual. Bonus!

P.P.S. Mauricio got his official Cat Scout membership card in the mail! He is itching to get back to earning merit badges now that the humans are home. His friend, Wally, from The Island Cats has surged way ahead with Karma points which has Mauricio’s competitiveness revved up and raring to go.


Today’s word is Spark so we couldn’t resist showing you a photo of our handsome, neighbor, man-cat, Sparky. Sparky spends lots of time hanging out at our house, including in this photo, which we originally posted on September 23, 2012.

Sparky settles in on our upper deck after our pusses have come inside for the night.

Sparky settled in on our upper deck after our pusses had come inside for the night. Now that we have the catio on the lower deck, Sparky no longer has access to the back decks.



A while back our mom asked us how we felt about having a new meowmate. Well, we all threw our paws up in the air and shouted, “NO.”

Then she explained that this kitty would not be living with us, but she would be part of our family none-the-less. That proposition didn’t sound quite as terrible to us.

When she introduced us on-line to this exquisitely gorgeous lady, we voted unanimously to include her in the Kitty Blue clan.


So, meet Nylablue. If you don’t know her already, here’s a little info. Nylablue and her mum Sherri-Ellen live in Ontario, Canada. Nylablue has her own blog, Nylablue and SherriEllen’s Purrfect Pad.

Here’s what Nylablue’s mum told us about her:

When Nylablue came to me at five years old in 2006, her name was just “Nyla.” I Googled her name, and it means Dark Blue in Sanskrit. I took it as a sign because I bought a dark blue blanket two weeks before I actually met her. So her name became Nylablue, and she has answered to it ever since. She still loves her dark blue blanket and watching Bollywood movies!

Nylablue recently celebrated her seventh Gotcha Day with mum Sherri-Ellen.

If you don’t already follow Nylablue’s blog, we hope you’ll check it out by clicking on the above link. We’re sure you’ll become a fan.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

P.S. We apologize that we are a little behind on visiting and commenting, but we had a huge storm with 70 mph winds. We lost our cable service, which meant no Internet. So we’ll now be trying to play catch-up.