Lisbeth: "Hey did you see that? I think it was a cardinal."

Astrid, Lisbeth, Fiona and Calista Josette checking out the action in the yard.

A few days ago, we had some delightful, spring evening weather, so we decided to have our dinner on the deck. For once, we didn’t have too much sun, too many clouds, too much wind, snow or rain. Nor had our neighbors cranked up their lawnmowers, chainsaws or weed eaters. A few neighborhood dogs were barking sporadically but not with much fervor.

Lisbeth: "Look is that a cardinal? I think it's a cardinal. Hey, everybody come see."

Lisbeth: “Look, is that a cardinal? I think it’s a cardinal. Hey, everybody come see the cardinal.”

Dinner al fresco, of course, meant kitties would be present. They’d had their dinner but were still hanging around outside until dark.

We always have a vulture cat or two hanging out at meal time. At least, that’s usually the case in the kitchen, where we are seated at the island for our meals. The two additional chairs are always occupied, usually by Lily Olivia and Mauricio. And they both need to be asked to get off the counter on multiple occasions or physically removed before the end of any meal.

"Yep Lisbeth, that's a cardinal. Good spotting."

“Yep Lisbeth, that’s a cardinal. Good spotting.”

Outside we eat at a standard table which is much easier to access, and we have four extra chairs…plenty of space for snoopervising, vulturing and begging. With chicken stir fry on the menu, I was ready to eat defensively.

But not one of the eight even approached.

Astrid, Calista Josette and Giulietta

Astrid, Giulietta and Calista Josette enjoy having their small cat tree on the deck.



They now have their smaller cat tree installed on the deck which was a big draw. And thanks to an evening with all channels tuned to birdy and squirrel TV, we ate in peace and the troops were entertained.

It was one of the least chaotic dinners in a very long time.