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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



It’s that time again to join Two Spoiled Cats (Angel Sammy and Teddy) with another poem. Once again Cooper Murphy has stepped forward. This week’s prompt letter is “N.” Cooper Murphy took the opportunity to write about some of the merit badges he has earned recently as a Cat Scout.

Nip and Ninja Moves

Nip is good and yummy no matter the form.
So today on the cigar I began to perform
The Bitey and some vigorous Bunnykicking.
In fact I gave that thing a darn good “licking.”
When I finished it was soaked with Cooper spit,
Which didn’t bother me one little bit.
That kitty toy got just what it deserved.
Not playing with it would have been absurd,
Especially as two merit badges I earned,
While some important defense tools I learned.
If one of my fursibs should get feisty or mean,
They’ll be sorry they bothered this fighting machine,
As I also have superior ninja skills
And to use them would give me a great big thrill.
But please don’t think that I am being a brat.
I’m just a young and spunky kitty cat,
Earning Cat Scout merit badges and having fun.
I’d never do anything to hurt a loved one!

© Cooper Murphy Blue 03/15/2017

The Bitey

merit badges - The Bitey



merit badges -  Bunnykicking



Ninja Moves

merit badges - Ninja Moves


Thankful Thursday

We also are participating in Brian’s Home Thankful Thursday blog hop. After recently losing two more friends to the Rainbow Bridge, we are thankful that all eight Kitties Blue are happy, healthy and spoiled rotten!





“Mom, you are a traitor for deserting me.”

Mauricio is pea green with envy. His friend, Wally, from The Island Cats joined Cat Scouts well after Mauricio and has earned oodles more merit badges and even been named Cat Scout of the Week. And he is now in second place on The Cat Scout Points Leader Board.

I tried to explain to Mauricio that Wally is more motivated and industrious than he is. But, of course, Mauricio blames me. He says that since Wally is a year older than he is, he should not have the energy to be in the lead. Mauricio claims to have worked tirelessly toward his merit badges while his dad and I were away playing (his word) for ten days, but with no one to get the photographic evidence, Wally was able to surge ahead.


“Leave me alone. I’m pouting.”


After meyowling at me, stamping his paws and giving me the stink-eye, I promised to help him as much as possible this week. He still left the room in a huff as I didn’t jump up immediately to assist him. I found him later doing what he does best. I also suspect this is exactly what he did the entire time we were away. Now you know why he continues to lobby for a Napping Merit Badge. After he got up from his nap, I did help him earn his Journalism Merit Badge so he’s a little less perturbed with me.