Meezer Colors Day


Meezer Colors Day BadgeThough technically none of us are meezers, we are celebrating today to show our support for such Siamese friends as Pipo and Minko (Meezer’s Mews and Freckles’ Woofs), Nellie (Nellie on the Edge), Malou and Esme (Critters in the Cottage), Shoko and Kali (Canadian Cats) and Boodie (SparkleCat).

Most of us aren’t really what you would call colorful cats with three tuxies and two grey kitties among us. That left one calico and two torties to represent! However, Astrid and I took a vote and decided that Calista’s mostly grey, dilute tortie furs are just too boring to get her a place in this post. Mom tried to buck that decision, but a couple of well-placed claws and our best stink-eyes convinced her to acquiesce to our demands. After all, it is our blog, and I am the oldest Kitties Blue. What I say is sacrosanct. All demands and instructions must be followed precisely.

In good conscience I must confess that I am none too happy about sharing this post with Astrid. However, I was afraid if I tried to leave her out, she and Calista Jo would gang up on me and take over this post for themselves. I think this is what is called making an alliance. As soon as this is posted, I am breaking it. I really don’t want to be connected to any of these losers in any way. All this talk about tortitude is so bogus. Everybody knows that calicos have more “tude” than any other cats.


Lily and Astrid Support Meezer Colors Day


I am no more happy about the photos of me that the female human selected for this post. The expression on my face in the second photo shows my displeasure. No lady should be shown with her head in the toilet. A potty shot of the queen of the house is inappropriate. I dare that woman to share a photo of herself in such a compromising pose.

The mom person claims to have selected this photo as it shows-off all my beautiful colors. But I say this is an inexcusable betrayal. It is rude to make my butt the butt of any jokes or snickering. Besides that, just look at those super cute photos of Astrid she selected. Totally unfair and inconsiderate!

Unfortunately, what is done is done! With my inability to edit photos and create collages, I am at her mercy. However, she best not want anything from me in the future. I will not be cooperative. If she wants something, she can just go and ask Astrid. She’s a suck-up!

Well, it is past my bedtime, so I guess my rant is over. All the Kitties Blue wish all our Meezer friends a most enjoyable Show Your Colors Day. My wish is that none of your humans treat you as cruelly as my mom treats me! You should be pampered and catered to all day.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia with a huge pffft for my mom