Mary Jane


We squirrels at our house. We have two that visit almost everyday and a third that comes occasionally. One of our three bird feeders is especially for the squirrels. They also enjoy the fruit of our ornamental pear trees. We can be entertained for hours and hours by their antics and silliness.


The squirrels (or squirties, as we like to call them) don’t even care that we watch them since most of us are confined to our catio. They ignore us and continue munching with delight their sunflower seeds, even when we are just inches away.

We know that some of our followers are not fond of squirrels and that some actually loathe them. We also know they can be very destructive, but for kitty amusement value, they cannot be beat.

As we did last year, we dedicate this post to our mom’s friend, Mary Jane, a true squirrel lover.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

P.S. We will not do our usual Wordless Wednesday post as this is publishing so late in the day. See you all the following day for “Thankful Thursday.”


No…It’s Rocky the flying squirrel. Or, at least, a distant relative.

Even though eight feisty felines live here, we have two incredibly fearless squirrels whose home base is our yard. It is not surprising as we have three bird feeders which are kept full with sunflower seeds. And we all know how much squirrels love the challenge of a birdfeeder.

Some humans get excited, and often even hysterical, when they see a squirrel on their bird feeder. We too get excited, but for the opposing reason. We provide those seeds so the kitties will be constantly entertained by the munching and antics of both the birdies and the squirties.

Squirrels provide entertainment from the tree.

Squirrels provided entertainment from the tree for Fiona, Giulietta, Calista Jo and Lisbeth.

In the past year, I have shared numerous squirrel photos, many featuring Lisbeth, our resident squirrel aficionado. I even acknowledged National Squirrel Appreciation Day for my friend, Mary Jane, who is “nutty” for squirrels. 

(A comment heard from the “peanut” gallery: “Did she just type that? She didn’t really think that was funny did she? Wait, she did it again. She is so lame if she thinks anybody is going to laugh.”)

Not surprisingly, a few days ago, the squirrels were putting on quite a show to amuse those hanging out on the catio. They were chasing each other up, down, around and through the catio-adjacent tree. They were even holding paws with the tree trunk between them.

Prior to that, however, they were doing some high wire tricks. Mind you, the kitties can do these same tricks and often do when they see a particularly nommy bug on the screen. They just can’t do them upside down and spread-eagle like the squirrels!

At first Lisbeth didn't even know the squirrel was there.

At first Lisbeth didn’t even know the squirrel was there.

Then she noticed him.

Then both she and Calista spotted him.

Finally, she made her move, as Calista Jo, Fiona and  looked on.

Finally, she made her move, as Calista Jo, Fiona and Giulietta looked on.

After much ado by both cats and squirrels, all went to their own corners for…what else…naps, of course.

By clicking on the squirrels tag below, you should be able to see most of those photos and posts.



Squirrel sitting atop container of sunflower seeds for the birdies. Note the chewed-off corner.

Squirrel sitting atop container of sunflower seeds for the birdies. Note the right front (chewed-off) corner.

Kitties keep their eyes on a squirrel. Railing (L to R): Astrid, Calista. Deck (L to R): Giulietta, Lisbeth & Fiona

Kitties keep their eyes on a squirrel. Railing (L to R): squirrel, Astrid, Calista. Deck (L to R): Giulietta, Lisbeth & Fiona

This post is in honor of my squirrelly friend, Mary Jane, who alerted me to this event. She is a lover of all things squirrel and my local authority on squirrels.

Squirty is watching Fiona who is parked at the bottom of the tree watching it.

Squirty is watching Fiona who is parked at the bottom of the tree watching it.

With today’s inauguration, I was afraid this special day might be overlooked. Since I have oodles of squirty (as we like to call them at the House of Blues) photos, I wanted to give a shout-out to these furry rodents. They provide hours of entertainment for all my kitties, so I’m hoping my fur balls won’t mind a short post that does not totally revolve around them.




Meow Variations

All of Kitties Blue have a variety of meows, depending on how insistent they want to be in demanding our attention. Most of the time I know who is complaining even when I’m in a different room. Fiona, Giulietta and Astrid are pretty good at imitating each other, however, and fool me on ocassion.

Feeding time and demands to go outside bring the loudest and most persistent meowing or “meyowling” as I like to call it.

Barking Out Demands

Barking calico cat keeping an eye on fresh catnip and two kitten underlings (a tuxie and a tortie) thinking of challenging her.

A potential barking incident in the making as Angel kittens, Astrid and Lisbeth, consider challenging Lily for the catnip.


Lily Olivia, however, possesses a unique ability to let us know when she has lost patience with our lolly-gagging and wants her demand met NOW! She barks! We don’t know where she learned this trick, but it is effective. I jump when I hear this. It is her final warning prior to a complete meltdown with growling, hissing, biting and scratching. The human body part attacked depends on if she is at the door demanding to go outside, on the kitchen counter waiting for breakfast or dinner or ticked off at a human or feline for trying to usurp her nice warm spot in bed. If another kitty is hovering, she will be the recipient of Lily Olivia’s wrath.

Dog-Like Mauricio

Tuxie cat posing for the camera.

Mauricio began posing when still a kitten.

Lily, however, is not the only kitty with dog-like qualities. Though he cannot bark, Mauricio does possess other dog mannerisms (his signature talent is playing fetch) according to Mary Jane, his best human friend and mommy to a Jack Russell Terrier. Now Mary Jane has been my friend for more than 25 years (now 36 years in 2023), but when she comes to visit, I am forced to compete with Mauricio for her attention.  He comes running the minute he sees her. Though, he does not greet her with his tongue hanging out or his tail wagging, he bugs her the entire time she is here. He’s nudging with his head to get petted, rolling around and exposing his tummy for rubbing and generally making a nuisance of himself.

Tuxie cat lying on his back showing his belly with dilute tortoise shell kitten looking on.

Mauricio shamelessly begs for my attention. Kitten, Calista Jo, comes to my rescue.

Mauricio is an overly friendly guy who loves to show off, beg unceasingly for attention and pose for photos. His fondness for Mary Jane, however, goes well beyond the childlike “look-at-me” demand. She is just as devoted to him. If he is engaged outside in cat activities, he will sometimes miss Mary Jane’s visit, which is always a disappointment to her. A couple of days ago when she dropped me off after having lunch together, he came trotting across the neighbor’s yard just in time for her to see him before she drove off. Such an accommodating guy!

Acting Like Cats

All the other kitties, besides some of the head-under-the-hand nudging activity, act like cats…indifferent at times, pesky and demanding at others or asleep for the better part of each day and night.