Nippy Goodness Can Be Yours! 

Today we got to sample a holiday product from the new company, Stark Raving Cat. We received their Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints. Mom teased us for a while before she opened the brown paper bag packaging. We could smell the nip right through the package. As you can see in one of Lisbeth’s photos, she was not to happy with mom for making her wait. (Raspberry!)


Stark Raving Cat Christmas


stark raving cat stockingThis limited edition stocking is designed for hanging on the Christmas tree or mantle. A red-and-white pair of catnip joints (topped with tiny Santa hats) peeks out from a traditional red stocking. From the ribbon on the front hangs a silver-tone cat-and-mouse charm. It’s perfect to add to your cat’s collar, a key chain or a necklace to wear it as a pendant.

It is evident from our photos that we liked this product. The nip is so potent it permeated the stocking and it’s hang tag. Mauricio wouldn’t let go of these items or stop licking the tag. Lily Olivia liked the easy-to-hold joints the best. We think this would be a great gift for all nip-loving kitties. Stark Raving Cat’s Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints also would be a great present if you are participating in the Santa Kitty Toy Hop or Secret Paws.

About Stark Raving Cat, located in Texas, specializes in small batch, artisanal gifts for cats and cat-lovers. According to company owner Kate Heyhoe “Our products are not mass produced, each is designed in-house, and made by hand with love and care, so you can pretty much guarantee your gift will stand out, and put the ho-ho-ho in the holidays.” And all products are cat tested and approved in house by Tamale, Pookie and Wolfie.

Stark Raving Cat Maneki NekoStark Raving Cat has a huge variety of unique products, including one our mom is putting on her Christmas Wish List: Maneki Neko earrings and kitty collar with a Maneki Neko bell. She collects these lucky cats so cannot resist this product. We are wondering which of us will get the new collar.

Kitties Blue are giving away one Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints. To enter just leave a comment on this post prior to Thursday, November 19, at 5 p.m. EDT. We will ship worldwide. If you don’t win, you can order your own Santa’s Rocking Stocking from Stark Raving Cat for $15.

logo Stark raving cat

Disclaimer: The Cat on My Head received two Santa Stockings from Stark Raving Cat for the purpose of review and giveaway. We were not compensated monetarily for this post and the opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo





maneki-neko collectionThe male human, Tom, has been traveling to Japan regularly since the late eighties. On many occasions he brought home a beckoning cat (maneki-neko) figurine. Some he received as gifts, and others he purchased for me. In time I fell in love with these little kitties and have amassed a small collection.

The maneki-neko is usually portrayed as a calico Japanese Bobtail with either one or both paws raised. The kitty is a symbol for good fortune/good luck. The opposite paw often holds a tag with the message, “Please come in. You are welcome.” This is why this little fellow is often seen in the front windows of businesses and restaurants.

Before Christmas, when we went to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, I found and purchased a beckoning cat Christmas ornament. And Tom found one on-line at Gump’s which he purchased for me as a gift.

In case you do not know the story of the maneki-neko, I’ll share a little bit with you.

In the 17th century a very poor priest lived in a rundown and poverty-stricken Tokyo temple. The priest shared what little food he had with his pet cat, Tama.

One day, an important, wealthy man was caught in a storm while hunting. He took refuge under a big tree near the temple. While waiting for the storm to pass, the man noticed a cat beckoning him to come inside the temple gate. This was so startling, the man left the shelter of the tree to get a closer look at the cat. In the next moment the tree was struck by lighting.

As a result of Tama saving him, the wealthy man became friends with the poor priest, and the temple became prosperous. The priest and his cat never went hungry again. This story and the cat displayed to the left came from the web-site They gave permission to use their graphics as long as a link to a pet rescue site was included, so here’s my link: in Hardy, VA. This is an organization I support and from which three of my kitties—Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette—have been adopted.

For other legends regarding this cute kitty, you can check out Wikipedia.

 I hope you enjoy this photo of my collection.