It is with heavy hearts that we say good-bye to a sweet, gentle and handsome man-cat, Leopold (Leo) Lion Heart. Leo was a beloved member of the Critters in the Cottage gang and a special friend to Lily Olivia, me and all the Kitties Blue.

leo forever2

Friday evening, we received an e-mail from Leo’s mom, Sophie, saying, “I was asked by Leo, to tell his tiny Lily Olivia good-bye from him. He enjoyed their small exchanges and says it made his heart younger and lighter. He hopes to see her again some day in the land of the hereafter.” This arrived shortly before Leo was helped to the Rainbow Bridge and demonstrates what a most thoughtful and caring cat he was.

Lily Olivia and Leo first became acquainted last February as a result of my Match.Cat post looking for dates for my girls for the Queen of Hearts Dance. This is what Leo wrote to Lily.

Dear Lily Olivia,

I am a handsome, dashing and gentle gentleman who loves a good poem and a slow dance. I have recently had surgery to remove two large tumours which have been deemed benign but you can bet that I will be better than my “old” self by the time the Valentine’s Day dance arrives. I also had a full blood panel done and I have been given a clean bill of health! I am telling you this because at seventeen, I am in surprisingly good health. I am a big cat at eighteen pounds and I would compliment your petite frame beautifully. Sweet Lily Olivia, if you choose me to accompany you to the Valentines’ Day Ball, it would also please me to keep an eye on the youngsters especially as Levon will be attending and our Mama would be thrilled to know I was there. Levon, can be be a wild child!!

I would, however, want a few slow dances along with our good conversation were I to escort you to the Ball as I remain a hopeless romantic.


Leopold Lion Heart of the critters in the cottage xo

LilyOlivia&LeopoldVDay2After such a sweet invitation, Lily refused to even consider another date, and the two had a delightful time together. This is their photo. Lily is wearing the wrist corsage Leo presented to her. They made a most attractive couple, don’t you think?

Image 3-001

Image 4






The following month when Lily Olivia went on Sammy’s (onespoiledcat) trip to the moon, Leo sent her these two lovely gifts. She so wished he had shared that great adventure with her.

After that, they exchanged e-mails, visiting often. They continued to try to find time for another date, but their respective humans always seemed to drop the ball. Before Leo’s mom, Sophie, had to go out of town, I promised that I would put the date together upon her return.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Leo had other plans. Though having to be taken to the vet while his mom was away, Leo, being the compassionate and thoughtful gentle-cat that he was, waited for his mom to return home so they could be together and say their final good-byes.

Leo wrapped his paws around our hearts from the moment Lily received that invitation. He will be with us always.

He and Mom Sophie had a special bond, and she is hurting very badly right now. If you have not read her touching memorial tribute to Leo and left your condolences, please click on the link at the top of this page and visit Critters in the Cottage.

Rest in Peace and Love, sweet Leo. We will never forget you, Lily Olivia and Mom Janet