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Furst of all, I’d like to know why it looks like I am wearing flowers on my head? That I have a huge gouge on my nose means I’m a tough guy, not a big ole sissy.

Mommy says that I am a bully, but I beg to differ. I’m just a male cat defending my turf. I’ll admit that I might engage in a little unprovoked rasslin’, bitin’ and paw smackin’ with my sisfurs, but I don’t deserve gettin’ a lickin’ like some punk, street cat and then bein’ forced to wear flowers in my furs.

Let it be known to all that I’m protestin’ my female human’s lack of respect for my position as top man-cat (well, actually the only man-cat) in this family. From now on, I refuse to refer to her as my mom or to bestow any term of endearment upon her. She was totally out of line and disrespectful in parading me in front of my fans in such an embarrassing manner!

Purrs and hugs, Tough Guy Mauricio

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Hi efuurybuddy…Janet here.

Recently I was contacted and asked if I would announce the following, which I do with pleasure:

The creator of the book A Letter To My Dog™ is working on the natural follow up: A Letter To My Cat.  The upcoming tome will feature a compilation of cat portraits accompanied by personal letters from devoted cat owners.

To create a volume of pet owners’ stories, the team behind the book is putting a call out to cat owners for story and photo submissions.

You can potentially be featured in the book by submitting a letter to your cat along with a photo!

The book team requires the following for submission:

•    Your letter: Please start it “Dear XXX,” and remember to sign it (Love, Mom / Dad…etc.). The length should be under 500 words.

•    Photos: We need you to submit a few photos of your cat alone, no people. Ideally, these would be your own photos, but if they are professional, please include photographer information so we can contact them for the rights if necessary.

•    Contact Info: Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address and any website/blog/social media info.

Remember to include any stories that highlight your cat’s unique personality and expresses how much he/she means to you!


Deadline for submissions is 8/20/13.



Today the humans went on an outing not authorized by the cats at the The House of Blues. Not only did they go away for the day, but we also had to stay in the house because of the continued cold temperatures and snow on the ground. And, of course, six of us are still experiencing sneezies; though, those with weepy eyes, except for Lisbeth, have improved.

Their outing was to the Star City Cat Fanciers Allbreed Cat Show. We cannot figure out why they needed to look at kitties they don’t even know with our eight darling selves right here at home. And Mom also visits all our kitty friends on their blogs. Humans are impossible to figure out so we don’t even bother to try. It takes more energy than we are willing to expend.

So we just lay around the house waiting for their return. All of us, except Lily Olivia, were in the foyer watching them through the window as they came up on the porch. We wanted them to hurry up so we could coax them into letting us outside. To our surprise we discovered they had brought presents with them.

Calista plays with the fling-ama-string.

Calista plays with the fling-ama-string.

We got three new kitty toys! Of course, we couldn’t show too much interest and had to play hard-to-get for at least a little while. We didn’t want them to think they could so easily bribe us to get our forgiveness and affection. And we were pretty upset because our human mom was talking about these ocicats she saw and how much she’d like to have one. Good news for us, however: Our human dad won’t let her bring another kitty home. Just like that old television program, “Eight Is Enough,” according to him. Yippee for his good sense!

Fiona plays with the shoelace toy.

Fiona plays with the shoelace toy.

Miss goodie-goodie kitty, Fiona, was the first to give in and play with the tie-dyed shoelaces hanging from a wand with a bell and puff ball at it’s end. Calista Jo joined in pretty quickly. We couldn’t really blame her too much as she is just a kitten after all. The rest of us were more interested in getting in a little outside time while the temp was in the upper 30s and it was still light outside.

While we were out watching our birdy buddies, Dad hooked up another toy called a fling-ama-string. Giulietta was the first to try to capture the string. She did okay. But then her sis, Fiona, came along. Her eye-to-paw coordination is excellent and she trapped the string single-pawed (she’s able to use either her left or right paw) whenever it appeared with only a couple of misses. When she grew bored she was the first to play with our third toy—a bright purple, rattling, nubby, fabric-covered mouse.

All but, Lily, Misty May and Mauricio played with the string toy. But they are the oldest and not as easily tempted by new toys. Lily, though, surprised us by playing with mom and the shoelace toy.

Giulietta takes a rest with the box from one of the new toys.

Giulietta takes a rest with the box from one of the new toys.

So, we’ve agreed not too get miffed if they decide to go to another kitty event…unless they come home with an ocicat or no toys for us. Giulietta, however, has decided not to be so quick to give her affection. Mom learned from a Maine Coon breeder how to keep Giulietta’s fluffy fur, name tag and bell out of her water dish and the litter box. Mom will let you know in another post if the coffee filter bib does the trick!

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette