Get Ready to Squeeee!

Today I had planned to tell you a bit about the Keynote Address and a couple of the great sessions I attended here at BlogPaws. But I know you would rather see kittens. These are three of the five “Fiesta” foster kittens from Random Felines: Taquito, Salsa and Queso. Taquito is the grey tabby female. Queso and Salsa are the male ginger kitties. They are eight weeks old today.





Foster mom, Jeanne, often brings some of her current fosters to events like BlogPaws in order to help socialize them. And those of us in attendance, who are missing our kitties we left at home, get our kitten “fix.”

Caturday Art Blog Hop

I am entering Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop with these kitten collages. To enter and/or view all the submissions, click on their badge.

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Cat4-001That day of the week is almost here again. The one when you need to put on your best smile and groom your fur, feathers, shell, etc. Then snap a selfie and share it with all your friends. You might even make some new friends, which is always fun. You can expect a guest host again tomorrow. So even if you decide not to join in with a submission, you definitely need to drop in to see who it is. I’ll give you one hint: His name is Frank.

p.s. The lady photobombing Taquito in the second collage is Paula, Truffle and Brulee’s mom from Sweet Purrfections.