Since I have proclaimed myself King (of the Sunday Selfies), I have decided to feature myself again today with a classic tummy shot. As an extra treat, I have thrown in some toesies as well.




As you can see, I am distracted with my nip nanner, so I probably wouldn’t notice if you planted a kiss on my tummy or toes. Come on…go ahead! You know you want to.

Kitties Blue are not back to reading and commenting full-time. We are, however, working our way through the blogs with submissions to our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We so appreciate all of you who joined us. This coming Sunday and for several after, Kitties Blue will be featuring selfies of some special friends. I protested boisterously, but was overruled by the woman who thinks she decides what is published on this blog. I am currently plotting my revenge!

She’s also forcing me to allow Lisbeth to take over tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. I think the woman better make certain all her shoes are put away in the closet.

Purrs and pawpats, Mauricio, King of the Selfies