I finally orderd a cat game for the iPad. When I loaded it, Mauricio and Calista Jo sat and watched the mouse scurry across the screen. After several demonstrations by me, Calista figured out that she could get the mouse to squeal by batting it with her paw. Mauricio just sat and watched and watched and watched. He had his paw on the edge of the iPad but would not touch the screen. This is the cat I showed playing computer solitaire as a kitten in a Wordless Wednesday post.

Giulietta is our cyber cat. Two years ago when Tom ordered the first of our iPads, Giulietta discovered it quite quickly. Her favorite app was and continues to be Maps. She’s never had any problems navigating this app. If you wish to see her on YouTube, (reading a document) you can access it here: Giulietta the Cat Speed Reads on the iPad. She’s now had 56,797 hits. Not viral by any means, but respectable.

An exhausted Giuliertta

An exhausted Giulietta

So a few nights ago I loaded up the laser-beam-like red dot for Giulietta. I thought since we play with the real dot on the carpet in the foyer, I might get her interest. She sat with one paw on the screen and just watched the red dot skid around. So Tom loaded up Maps and she went wild. He always starts her in our neighborhood in Virginia. She traveled at great speed to Brazil and then crashed right atop the iPad as if she had physically traveled there on her own four paws.

I managed to sneak a couple photos of her with my cell phone. Tom decided to get out the big, fancy camera. As soon as he turned it on, she started her photo protest which consists of her doing her best clicking and chirping noises. This gives her a most unattractive expression, which you can check out in the Wordless Wednesday post, Scary Cat.

With the interest most of them have in our laptop and desktop computers, I presumed they would be over the moon to have some games of their very own. I obviously was not thinking clearly as I was, of course, wrong! That $2.99 I spent for the app was a waste of money. They’d much rather I had purchased catnip and sprinkled it on their old, slobbery toys.

Misty May playing with the fling-ama-string.

Misty May playing with the fling-ama-string.

I am, however, pleased to report that the fling-ama-string purchased at a cat show a few weekends ago remains popular. Misty May has even gotten into the act.

P.S. I hope you will check out the links to my previous posts. I didn’t have too many readers at the time so most of you have undoubtedly never seen them.