International Cat Day


Wordless Wednesday


Sawyer helps his dad fill a jug for watering plants.


I hope you will forgive me, but I have a few words today as well. Yesterday I visited Dr. Neel to have my phenobarbital level checked. As soon as Mom and Dad get the results, I will have a complete post about my health issues.

Also, on behalf of all the Kitties Blue, I wish all our feline friends a Happy International Cat Day.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer


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International Cat Day with Cooper Murphy


International Cat Day


This is my first International Cat Day, and I am taking a short time away from Cat Scouts Summer Camp to talk with you about it. For starters, I think I am going to like having 24 hours dedicated to me, me and ME! Oh yeah, and my sisfurs and brofur Mau as well. Our humans try not to play favorites. But I am the new kid, and as I said, it is my first International Cat Day. That should get me a little something extra!

Anyhoo…International (World) Cat Day was established in 2002 by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). It certainly took them long enough to recognize the 500 million or so cats living around the world. The IFAW says cats are the most popular pet on the planet. I could have told them that. (The mission of the IFAW is to rescue and protect animals worldwide, including safeguarding populations and preserving habitat.)

Not all kitties are as fortunate as Kitties Blue to have loving humans to care for, feed, house and protect them. So today, my siblings and I would like to remind you that lots of kitties are waiting in shelters, in every corner of the world, for their happily ever after. If you need an excuse to adopt a cat, consider these facts: Cats can help relieve anxiety, stress and depression as well as prevent heart attacks; petting a cat has been shown to lower blood pressure. Of course, if you can’t adopt or foster, consider volunteering at a shelter and bringing some love and attention to those who aren’t as fortunate as Kitties Blue.

Of course, all cats want to be pampered, admired and revered. In fact, we expect it everyday. After all, we deserve it. But do a little something more today. We’ll always accept some extra kisses and cuddles, treats, catnip or a new toy.

Wishing all kitties a happy International Cat Day!

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy