We are sending out a huge, heartfelt thank you to all those who commented on one or both of our recent comment-a-thon posts. We had really hoped to pick a lot more green papers out of mom’s pocket, but we know that any donation, no matter how small, will be appreciated by these worthy organizations.

red nose day

We received 42 comments on our Red Nose Day campaign post. This would equal a $21 donation, but Mom has agreed to round it up to $25.

 Don't Fry Day

We received 46 comments on our Don’t Fry Day post. This would equal a $23 donation to the Animal Cancer Foundation, but it too will be rounded up to $25.

Savannah’s (Savannah’s Paw Tracks) mom, Linda, will be making a matching contribution to the Animal Cancer Foundation. She plans to make her donation in honor of Harvey Button (Dash Kitten) who recently underwent surgery to remove his ear tips and cryosurgery on his nose due to his squamous cell carcinoma. We will make our donation in his honor as well.

Thank you again to all those who made these donations possible.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo



What a rocking’ great party we had yesterday. So many of our good furiends stopped in plus a whole passle of new ones. We were overwhelmed, and so grateful for the kind words and good wishes. This was absolutely the bestest birthday EVER! Thank you efurrybuddy.

We received three more birthday cards we’d like to share with you. The first is from our honorary brofur, Bailey (Bailey Boat Cat), and the second our honorary sisfur, Nylablue (Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad). We think they are beautiful. Thanks you two. We are proud and honored to have you as part of the Kitties Blue Clan.

Mauricio and Misty May!


Mauricio n Misty May's 10th Birfday card


The third card is from Pipo and Minko from WeBeesSiameezers. It’s another masterpiece, and we think it is terrific! Check out the chef mice. They better be careful or they just might become our breakfast.



The party was still going strong until midnight when Mom said it had been a fun-filled and exciting day, but it was time for bed. At that point we had more than seventy comments on our birthday post. All of us and Mom are excited that whoever wins the donation for their favorite shelter or rescue will get a good number of green papers. And time remains for us to raise even more. The comment-a-thon and giveaway for a Pookapet customized decal remain open until Sunday, the 21st, at noon. So let your friends and neighbors know that they should stop in and leave a comment on our birthday post.

Mauricio had an extra special birthday surprise from the Wolverine Patrol at Cat Scouts. He is the patrol’s Birthdaymaster and plans the parties for his patrol mates. This time his furiends put together the most incredible day of continual surprises. He was totally astonished by the terrific cards, gifts (even for Misty May) and noms that were part of an incredible event. Way too much occurred for us to include it in this post, so he will give an entire report on Man-Cat Monday.

Thank you once again to all our old and new furiends for helping us celebrate our tenth birthday.

PirateDay 2014 (1)Tomorrow we will be participating in Meow Like a Pirate Day.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May and Mauricio


Misty May: " Oh my head! I think I had too much nip!"

Misty May: ” Oh my aching head! I think I had too much nip!”

We’re all jumping napping with joy at the Kitties Blue house. We think our commentathon for Misty May’s and Mauricio’s birthdays was a grand success. We all had oodles of fun at the two-day pawty and way too much nip, but the best part was emptying mom’s pockets. We’re sending out a HUGE thank you to effurybuddy who pawticipated.

Before we get around to reporting who was the winner of a donation to their favorite shelter/rescue, we have gotten our entire cheering section together to send up an ear-splinting cheer and shout out to a very generous woofie friend.

When mom went to sleep a few hours prior to the completion of the commentathon, we were a few comments short of 100. This woofie noticed that, and with a complete disregard for the rules, he left multiple comments wanting to be the 100th. Now Mom had planned to round up to 100 when she first thought we’d be a little short in order for each donation recipient to receive $25.

But guess what that special woofie did? He donated $25 to the cause. So please put your paws together for none other than efurrybuddy’s favorite therapy assist dog:

Piranha Banana

With mom rounding up and that donation, we have $75 to distribute. But Mom’s decided to round up again…this time to $80, giving each recipient $40.

As report previously, $40 will go to Barn Cat Buddies, the organization that rescued, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

Honorary Sisfur Nylablue

Honorary Sisfur Nylablue

We don’t know who our second recipient is as yet as our winner from the commentathon has not told us. Bet you are all wondering who was selected by We must preface our reveal by saying that no nepotism was involved. selected #52 and our Honorary Sisfur Nylablue was the 52nd one to comment. As soon as we hear from her, we’ll report on our second recipient.

Thank you so, so much to efurybuddy who pawticipated and attended our pawty. We continue to be amazed by how many furiends we have made in the bloggy world.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo




Happy Birthday clip art graphic with hat and balloons

Hey gang, it’s finally here, our big Birthday Celebration and Commentathon. And we think it’s way cool ’cause it is falling on Tuxie Tuesday! We are nine years old today. Only one more year until we have to have our senior cat check-up with our you-know-who. We thought it was a great occasion to celebrate our continued youth as well as do something for the animals less fortunate than we are. But more about that later.

We must start by thanking our friends who sent us some spectacular birthday cards. We never knew birthdays could be so much fun before our mom started writing about us and sharing it with all of you. So without further ado. (Oh goody, we made a rhyme!)

Our first greeting is from our extra special, good friend Sam from onespoiledcat.

Our first greeting is from our extra special, good friend Sam from onespoiledcat.

Wow, we won’t even need any nip today if we stare at this long enough.  All those wavy lines are making us a little dizzy! That was most likely Sammy’s intent. If we aren’t vigilant, he’ll be able to steal all the bacon noms.

This beautiful card is from our honorary sisfur, Nylablue. We love how she included herself 'cause she's a way classier kitty than either of us.

This beautiful card is from our honorary sisfur, Nylablue, in Canada.

We love how beautiful Nylablue included herself on our card ’cause she’s a way classier kitty than either of us.

This is from our friends Henry, Oscar and from My Three Moggies. It is all the way from the U.K.

This is from our friends Henry, Oscar and Archie from My Three Moggies. It is all the way from the U.K.

It looks like they beamed themselves here, don’t you think?

This great card is from Timmy and the gang at Tom Cat Commentary by Tim.

This great card is from Timmy and the gang at Tomcat Commentary by Tim.

We feel so blessed to have so many friends who care about us and are also so creative. Thanks kitties.

As most of you know, in honor of our birthday we are having a Commentathon. For every comment we receive on this post between now and midnight on the 18th (that is only 48 hours, so no dawdling PLEASE!), our mom will drop 50 cents into our Piggy Bank. On Thursday, the 19th, she’s going to bust that thing open and see how much we have collected. Half will go to our favorite rescue/TNR program, Barn Cat Buddies. The other half will go to the non-profit rescue or shelter selected by the winner of our random drawing. Each commentor (one per household please) will be entered. IF THAT ISN’T A CATABULOUS REASON TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!

Mom’s not putting any restrictions on how much $$ we can collect. Sunday was our 200th post, so we are challenging all of you to help us raise at least that much! So let your friends and family know what we’re doing. Remember, being a blogger is not required to leave a comment.

Now let’s get this 48-hour P-A-W-T-Y started. Hope you all brought your favorite beddies with you.

Mom wanted to have plenty dollars set aside for the Commentathon, so we didn’t go overboard with the decorations, and we don’t have lots of variety in noms, but what we do have is plenty tasty. We, of course, have bacon for Sammy and all you other pork-heads. (We thought you might be offended and not leave a comment if we called you pig-heads.) We have tuna as it is Toona Tuesday for Bugsy and Knuckles, and we didn’t want them to miss the celebration, especially since HH (Lou) has been painting phenomenal kitty portraits of some of us. And we always have lots of nip! If you have other noms you are partial to eating, please feel free to bring them along. But do plan to share. We’ve heard that Cheese Doodles are way yummy, but our mom won’t buy them for us to try. Just saying…in case any of you have a spare bag or two.

And don’t forget that we have oodles of games, such as Fling-a-ma-String, Play Circuit and Cat’s Meow and a huge basket of toys. But best of all…bird and squirrel TV (three feeders/no waiting) from our very own catio.

If you can’t find something fun to do at our pawty, you are just a fuddy-duddy feline.

We’re opening the doors at midnight, but please no hissing, spitting, wacky-paw or shoving. There’s plenty of room and noms for everyone.

Love, purrs and hugs from the birthday cats, Mauricio and Misty May

P.S. from Misty May: Mom signed up Mauricio for Cat Scouts as his birthday present. What he doesn’t realize is that it is just as much a gift for the remainder of us if he learns some manners and to be a better citizen.