CatAmazing Product Review

I had planned this review for last Tuesday. Please accept Kitties Blue and my apologies if you stopped in just to find it wasn’t here.

CatAmazingLike all cat parents, I know the value of a cardboard box. Cats prefer them over the most expensive toys and beds. Throw in a few treats, and you have a winning combination. And that is exactly what you and your cats get with CatAmazing.

Cats are hunters and enjoy puzzles, not to mention treats. If your cats are anything like Kitties Blue, they will immediately fall in love with CatAmazing. The moment I completed the easy assembly and added some treats, they (especially Sawyer) were all over it.

CatAmazing is the ingenious creation of Mooky. Who better to create a cat toy than a cat? And who better to test it than another cat. Tester, Zeke, is a professional shredder with seven years experience. He leads the Quality Assurance Department at CatAmazing. Supposedly, if something survives Zeke, it will survive anything. This might be true in Mooky and Zeke’s household, but with eight cats, and one of those being Sawyer, our CatAmazing has not faired so well.

Our CatAmazing recently was retired to the recycling bin after two months of daily use. It was peed on three times by cats trying to claim sole ownership, the insides were badly shredded by sharp claws and the top holes torn. I have ordered a new one from Amazon. I have no intention of being without the best cat entertainment product we’ve ever encountered.


Sawyer staking his claim when the CatAmazing was still intact.


Sawyer believed the CatAmazing was his personal property; though, he did allow the others to join him occasionally in seeking treats. He quickly learned how to put his head in one hole and his paw in another to turn it over, causing all the treats to fall out in the process. For me, the largest round hole (which is big enough for the head of a kitten or small cat) is the one design flaw. I did pass this information on to Mooky’s team. Supervision is recommended, especially for younger cats.


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Additional Information About CatAmazing

  • Constructed from 30% recycled materials and metal-free inks
  • Colors used are those best seen by cats
  • Three levels of play available
  • Colorful booklet with assembly instructions included
  • CatAmazing provides Enrichment Kits for rescues and shelters, including “Enrichment Through Play” guides for adoption folders and an exclusive discount on CatAmazing for new cat parents. Visit for more information and to apply. (While there, make certain you read about the inspiration behind and the creation of CatAmazing.)

Kitties Blue are completely impressed with and have spent hours occupied by the CatAmazing. And Dad Tom and I are delighted that they can happily play and enjoy a product that requires no complicated assembly or batteries. We recommend this product to every cat and cat parent.

Disclaimer: We received our CatAmazing for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are solely mine and those of Kitties Blue. 

CatAmazing is available from Amazon for the reasonable price of $15.94. For the hours of fun and entertainment your cat(s) will get from the CatAmazing, the cost is an absolute bargain!