Cat World Domination Day


Caturday Art on Cat World Domination Day


Lisbeth's Caturday Art for Cat World Domination Day.


As today is Cat World Domination Day, I asked Mom to use this photo to show my domination over Lily Olivia. She cropped it down for the art, so I am making her post the original as well. She says it is blurry. Well, of course, it is. She took it! That’s why we are using it for Caturday Art.


Lisbeth shows how she tries to dominate Lily Olivia for Cat World Domination Day.


No matter, I am in the top position, inside the sphere, and Lily is stuck on the lower scratcher/shelf. Ha, ha. I’m the dominate cat over the queen of the house.

Cat World Domination Day is really about the dominance of cats over humans. It was established by now angel, Sparkle, and coincides with her birthday. Summer, Binga and Boodie ( have continued the tradition of celebrating as has most of the feline portion of the blogosphere. So lets all get together today and demand that our humans think ONLY of us and cater to our every desire. In other words, treat today like you would any of the other 364!

Cat World Domination Day


So now that we have established that today isn’t just about my domination of Lily Olivia, we must jump back to our Caturday Art. To create this incredibly, arty photo of me, she started in LunaPic. She applied the Fire filter, followed by the Surreal Painting and Beveled Edge effects. The final step was to add the Yellowed Papyrus filter with AdornPic. She thinks the end result looks unfinished, but all the other effects and filters she tried added nothing to my beauty. Both Dad Tom and I told her to quit fiddling, and she finally listened.

This is our entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To join the hop and/or view the other submissions, click on Athena’s badge.

Space Station Cat Toy Giveaway

If you missed Calista Jo’s birthday party, you also missed the opportunity to win the super fun Petmate® Jackson Galaxy® Space Station toy. You can see C.J. playing with it on yesterday’s post. If you’d like to have the chance to win, leave a comment on the party post, Birthday Party & Space Station Giveaway. You must comment prior to Monday, June 26, at 5 p.m. ET. The winner will be selected using and announced on the following day’s post.

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

One of us will be right here tomorrow to host our popular weekly blog hop. We’d like to thank everyone who joined last Sunday’s Father’s Day hop. Tomorrow we will be dedicating the hop to two friends who recently received their angel wings, Minko (Meezer’s Mews & Freckles’ Woofs) and Bilbo (Da DB Boyz, formerly Dory’s Backyard). Both are members of blogs that have been consistent and long-time supporters of our hop. Please drop by and honor these special angel anipals.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth