Cat Scouts University



All of you have been so kind to tell me how brave I was to have my teefies cleaned and two extracted. I thank you all for that. But that toof stuff was nuthin’ compared to what I did last week.

I’ll let you see for yourself.



Bet you are wondering what the heck that was all about. I wanted to earn my Level 2 Swimming Merit Badge from Cat Scouts, and I had no other choice than to take the plunge. As you can see, it’s not something I enjoyed. My Cat Scout friends say it sounded as if I was hollering, “No, no, no!” And they would be 100 purrcent correct. But I earned my badge and 100 Karma points. Here’s the badge.


swimming badge - Brave Mauricio


To my surprise, I was awarded a trophy on Wednesday after class at Cat Scouts University. This swimming stuff is a pretty big deal for us cats. Here’s my trophy, which was presented to me by Academic Advisor Gracie and Chancellor Sammy. I had no idea this was coming, so I was a bit overwhelmed.


5-B-Trophy-Swimming-trophy -  Brave Mauricio


So, that’s the end of my bravery. I’m looking forward to returning to my sedentary lifestyle of guarding the house from the front porch rocker. I think Cat Scouts needs a Watch Cat Badge. What do you think?


mau yawning - brave


Mom has promised my sisfurs that I will not be here for Caturday Art or Sunday Selfies. They already think I’m a blog hog, and as much as I hate to admit it, they’re probably right.

Mom and Dad asked me to convey their thanks for all the nice comments and best wishes on their anniversary.

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio (with kisses and love to Allie)


Second Cat Scouts’ Cardwood Derby

cardwood derby  trophyMau has entered the second, sort-of-annual Cat Scouts‘ Cardwood Derby, and he needs your votes to win this super cool trophy. It would have his name and not Scout Banzai should he win.

As Mauricio is Director of Campus Security at Cat Scouts University he thought it would be nice to have an official campus vehicle. Here are a few photos of Mau, his car and his pit crew. We’ll tell you how to vote at the end of this post.

2016 Cardwood Derby

The back of Mau’s official CSU Security vehicle.
(c) The Cat on My Head 2016

2016 Cardwood Derby

Lisbeth served on Mau’s pit crew for the second time.
(c) The Cat on My Head 2016

2016 Cardwood Derby

Mau’s pit crew, Calista Jo and Lisbeth, were stoned on catnip and acting like hooligans. (The arrows point to the nip.)
(c) The Cat on My Head 2016

2016 Cardwood Derby

Mau jumping from his vehicle to apprehend his hooligan sisters.
(c) The Cat on My Head 2016

1st Cardwood Derby

Mau with pit crew, Lisbeth, in his first cardwood derby entry.
(c) The Cat on My Head 20

I am pretty happy with my improved design and construction skills in comparison to Mau’s last derby car. If you weren’t following us then, here’s a photo. It was more elaborate, but the craftsmanship was definitely lacking.

Though Mau’s car is better constructed this year, I fear he has no chance of taking home that trophy. The competition is really tough. Scouts were able to create any type of vehicle they wanted, and some are more imaginative than his. There’s a hot air balloon, a food truck and a stagecoach to name a few of the unique entries.

If you would like to vote for Mauricio, you can do so on the Cat Scouts Organization page on Facebook. He has two photos. Scroll down until you find them and then “LIKE” them. You have through January 22 to cast your vote. While you are there check out all the entries. They really are creative.

Mau says, “Please drive safely and never while stoned on catnip!”