Cat Scout of the Year


Tuxie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


Cat Mauricio having a Doozy of a Snoozy


One might think Mauricio was working in the fields all day. His paw certainly looks like he was digging in the dirt. Maybe he was chasing mice around the house. Or perhaps he was addressing Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, putting up garland and lights or decorating the tree. Nope! I know he wasn’t doing any of those things.

Oh yeah…I’m the one who has been doing all those things (except the digging and chasing), including addressing Mau’s Cat Scout Christmas cards.

I am pretty certain this is the most strenuous thing Mauricio has done in days..


Cat Mauricio being a bum.


I sure have a difficult time believing that Mauricio is Cat Scout of the Year, especially as his expertise at being a bum is now legendary. At least he’s a cute bum and amuses us daily.

Due to all the holiday preparations mentioned above, I haven’t been able to help Kitties Blue do much visiting or commenting. Please accept my apologies. After just a couple more days of craziness, we’ll be back to a more normal schedule.



Cat Scout of the Year

Cat Scout of the Year Mauricio

T’was the night before the night before last! Cat Scouts was having its fall purmotions ceremony. I was not being purrmoted as I already have the highest rank of Sabertooth Tiger and have earned the Order of the Arrowhead. I always attend the ceremony, however, to support my fellow Scouts.

At the conclusion of the rank purrmotions, Denmaster called my Patrol Leader from Wolverines, Gracie, and me to come forward. I can’t deny that my paw pads were sweating and my furs quivering. I had no idea what was happening and feared I might tinkle on myself. Gracie was just as nervous.

Had we been hooligans and disgraced ourselves in some way and were being booted out of Scouts? We had absolutely no idea.

Then to my shock, Gracie and I each were named Cat Scout of the Year. Me, Scout Mau…really? I was pretty positive that Gracie would be named CSOTY for 2015, but I never expected to be. CSOTY is usually not announced until New Year’s Eve so this made it even more of a surprise.

Cat Scout of the Year TrophyNo, I didn’t get a new Cardboard Derby car, a huge pile of green papers or a case of stinky goodness, so don’t bother to put your paws out. What I did get was this super great trophy. I think it might be solid gold! Mom’s hoping it’s dark chocolate covered with gold foil. MOL!

So what’s next for Scout Mau? I’ll be continuing to run my Bake Shop, serve as the Director of Campus Security at Cat Scout University as well as take fun trips, earn merit badges and participate in service projects. This Cat Scout likes to keep busy.

There’s always something happening at Cat Scouts with lots of opportunities to help others and grow as a cat and member of society. If you’d like more information about becoming a member, contact me or click on the link in the fist paragraph.

Cat Scout of the Year Gracie

Cat Scout of the Year Gracie

And finally, I’d like to concatulate all the Scouts who received purrmotions, especially my friend, Patrol Leader and fellow Cat Scout of the Year, Gracie.

Purrs, paw-pats and a salute, Cat Scout Mau