Cat Behavior


A short time ago I was contacted and asked if The Cat on My Head would be interested in sharing information with regard to introducing a new cat into your household. Knowing Dad Tom and I had done a poor job at times with these introductions, I was happy to take advantage of this offer. I was confidant that if we’d failed in careful and correct introductions some of my readers had as well.

Figo Pet Insurance’s introduction to the slideshow they created:

Introducing your new cat to your home can be very stressful on both you and the cat. The stress rises if there are other animals or small kids involved. Introducing your new cat to the resident cat can take plenty of time and patience, as cats tend to be territorial. Placing two cats into one environment without proper consideration of their position in the home is asking for trouble. However, with a carefully planned introduction, cats can ease into accepting each other and become lifelong pals. Here is a guide on how to introduce your cat to its new home.

(To view the slideshow, use the arrows next to the page numbers to move through frame by frame.)


I was pleased to see both Jackson Galaxy and the ASPCA  (among others) as sources for the information included in this slideshow, as I highly respect both as experts in the field of cat care and behavior.
Cat Introductions created By FIGO Pet Insurance


Disclaimer: This post is being presented for informational purposes only. It is not meant to be an endorsement for Figo Pet Insurance or their product. However, if you are interested in investigating their services, the link to their web-site is above. I received no payment for this post from either StraightNorth or Figo Pet Insurance.