This is Chloe. She adopted us in 1992 and was with us for 11 years. She was in heat when she arrived at our door and already had a couple of previous litters according to our vet.

We’d never seen her in our neighborhood prior to that day and have no idea how she ended up in our yard. As we were heading out of town for the weekend when we discovered her, we had no choice but to leave her outside. Amazingly, she was waiting for us upon our return.  After having her spayed, she became our first calico.

She left us for the RB almost as mysteriously as she arrived. Our friend, who was minding the kitties while we were on vacation, found her one morning lying next to our bed. She had a small amount of blood next to her mouth, but no other evidence of something having happened to her.

Chloe taught us that calicos are mysterious and unpredictable cats, often with bi-polar tendencies. Like Lily Olivia, she often lost her temper and was not the favorite of the other kitties living with us. But, of course, we loved her. And I hope you have enjoyed meeting her.

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