Bobble Hat Fundraiser


How rude! Who made up that title? We aren’t the crazy ones around here. The crazy one is the person who tried to get us to wear this hat. That person is lucky she isn’t lying on the floor bleeding out.


lily olivia bobble hat

Lily Olivia, you can do a better stink-eye than that!


c.j. bobble hat

C.JJ., you look as if your eyes are going to pop right out of your head. They are, however, a gorgeous green.


lisbeth bobble hat

Not bad for having to be held down, Lisbeth. You don’t even look angry. And your eyes are lovely as well.


mau bobble hat

mau bobble hat

Mauricio, you are one wiggly cat. You certainly gave Mom a good laugh. We’re not sure, but we think maybe you deserve that crazy cat title.

Mom wishes she could have gotten more of us in the hat, but we told her she better be satisfied with her 50 percent success rate if she knows what is good for her. There’s still the option of leaving her in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor.

If you haven’t seen the bobble hat before now, here’s the story.


Wurld-Wide Tour of The Time-Travelling Bobble Hat @BionicBasil


Parsley & Smoochie from Bionic Basil‘s furmily will purrsonally donate £2.00 [£1.00.each] to the Burton Joyce Cat Rescue in Nottingham, U.K. – from where most of Basil’s gang were adopted and began a beautiful new life in Sleepy Hollow with their Purrsonal Assistant, Cathrine Garnell.

So the more places the bobble hat travels, the more money the kitties raise. The funds are being raised as Burton Joyce is a donation-driven rescue. If anyone would like to send a donation to help the rescue, contact Basil at

We’re not sure where we will be sending the bobble hat from here, but if you would like to be a part of this fundraiser, you can let Basil know at the same e-mail address. Once you receive the hat, all you need to do is feature it on your blog, notify Basil and send it to another purrticipant. The more bloggers who feature the hat, the more money Bionic Basil will raise for the kitty rescue.

Finally, wearing the bobble hat is not mandatory. Just photographing it and sharing it on your blog will satisfy the requirements. But if some of us could wear it, we think any kitty can.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Lisbeth and Calista Jo